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King Arthur Westmont Apts



Resident · 2005 - 2008
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Office Staff
If you are looking for a peaceful environment, this is the place for you. There are restrictions against loud noises or annoying other tenants, which is a good thing. Why would you want to move to an apartment just to hear nagging, yet, annoying noises from your neighbors such as loud music and yelling? You can take an afternoon nap without worrying kids outside or your neighbor will wake you up. Seeing the buildings are a little older, there are some disadvantages. During the winter, the screen door will freeze to death and some frost will leak inside from it. Because of that, the bedroom with the screen door to the balcony will literally freeze. Just turn the heat up or keep a bunch of blankets handy. The basements are absolutely horrible. I did cleaning around King Arthur and even cleaned all of the basements a couple of times and damn are they horrible. I understand it's a basement so it's not going to look neat, however there are some things they can attempt to fix. The storage units, like said, consists of a chicken fence that are very easy to break into. I had to break into our storage unit because I couldn't find the key. All I had to do was pull the wires out of the nails and put it back put the wires back around the nails after I was done. A lot of times when it storms the basements can flood and potentially ruin your items you store in the basement. We had a lot of Christmas decorations damaged from floodings. The washers & dryers are old and in my opinion $1.25 is a little much to charge per each load of laundry, which should be at the max. $1 (it used to be, but they raised the price two years ago). And let's not forget the horrible smell to all of the basements. And the front doors are not very well secured. It doesn't seem all that hard to break into someone's unit. All in all, King Arthur is a nice place to live. However These buildings are older and because of that, living here have their disadvantages. As someone who did work for King Arthur, they refinish the wooden floors and if necessary, they repaint the walls. All kitchens have newer tiles, refrigerators, counters/sinks, cabinets & built in microwaves so you won't have to worry about having an ugly or out of date looking kitchen. All bathrooms, however, do not have much of an up-to-date look, but at the same time, their bathrooms do not look too bad. All of the doors to the units are older. In our unit, the lock to some of the rooms (minus the bathroom) did not work. The landscape people heads out to King Arthur very frequently to keep the area looking nice. During the winter they have a plower come out and they shovel the sidewalks to the buildings. The pool opens until 8pm, but I wouldn't take the time to complain about this. It's hard to find an apartment building that keeps their pool open any later than 8pm. Tom (the guy who is in charge) is a nice guy and he would always return our calls instantly if he ever missed them. And the maintenance guy (I already forgot his name, lol) is a good guy too. I worked with him. He lives at King Arthur so he is always handy. He does everything on his own and he is very reliable and in general he is a very charismatic and friendly person. Our rent for a two bedroom apartment on the second floor started out at $820 and we paid $860 in our last year. Our rent was raised by $20 every year.
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King Arthur Westmont Apts

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