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King Arthur Westmont Apts



Resident · 2010
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Office Staff
We lived at King Arthur for three years (from 2005 to 2008) and at times, I even think about moving back. During the summer, the landscapers are around frequently to keep everything looking nice. The buildings are old but like someone said, it has a nice vintage look. The neighbors would always say hi to us along with a smile. There aren't many kids or young adults so you don't have to worry about annoying kids having frequent parties and being loud and all of that annoying crap (isn't that what bars & clubs are for?). If you want to live in peace then this is the place for you. In general, the areas are quiet and peaceful. It is safe to walk around the neighborhoods without being paranoid of a gang of ------ idiots robbing you or ganging up on you for no reason or anything like that. I always used to jog around the neighborhoods every morning from King Arthur to Clarendon Hills or through the neighborhoods in Downers Grove/Westmont during the day and night time. I never had a problem with the community or the people in the area. The apartments are pretty decent with a lot of space! We were lucky to have a unit with a new kitchen (cabinets, fridge, sink, counter, stove, tiles, etc.). The main problem, though, was the screen door in the master bedroom. Every winter it would freeze into a big sheet of ice both inside and out. It sure gets VERY cold in the master bedroom every winter. I always had to wear slippers and a sweatshirt in the bedroom. That is the one thing they need to repair in every unit. Another problem is how filthy it is inside the heaters. If you open them, you will see some heavy dust that was collected throughout the years and many items such as rings, pens, rubber bands, etc. Another issue is the basement. The storage spots were covered with a chicken fence and a lot of them were falling off, some broken into. Because of all of the floods there were in the basement throughout the years, it smells bad. There was a lot of old garbage sitting around such as old bicycles from the 60s that was probably abandoned many years ago, old mattresses and a old exercise bicycle. But hey, it's not like you're living in the basement so this isn't an emergency or anything. I'm probably nitpicking with this one because the basement doesn't reflect on the quality of the apartments and staff. I heard something about Tom retired. It's too bad because he was a very nice and friendly guy. He was never in a bad mood and he would always make small talk.... like he would always ask me how things are going or how the holidays was. He is a very down to earth guy. Jeff, the handy guy, was just as nice. He is the only maintenance guy of King Arthur and surprisingly he gets everything done! Usually when you call because of an issue he gets it done the same day. Regardless of how hard he works all day and every day, he is always in a good mood. Just like Tom and most of the King Arthur tenants, Jeff is very friendly and polite. But regardless of the couple of issues, I still recommend King Arthur. I'm sure they sound more serious than I meant to make them sound. My father was the one who referred me to King Arthur because his ex girlfriend used to live there and he knew it was a very nice place to live. I would move back within a heartbeat. The reason I had to move was because of my job. EDIT: And another thing, like someone said, they didn't deduct much from my security deposit when I moved out. I made a lot of scratches on the wooden floors from moving furniture around numerous times and one of the bed rooms needed to get repainted due to a lot of marks I [unintentionally] made. We did not leave the unit in flawless condition but regardless of that, they only took out $40 from our security deposit which was pretty fair. We were not expecting our security deposit back and if so, we only expected a small fraction of it so it was a pleasant surprise.
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King Arthur Westmont Apts

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