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King Arthur Westmont Apts



Resident · 2009 - 2010
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Office Staff
I would give King arthur an average review, it excels in some areas but fails in others. The management was always nice, was relatively helpful, and didn't bother me at all. The maintenance guy was really nice a good. They always fixed things within a few days after calling about a problem. One time we kept blowing fuses for no reason and the next day after calling they replaced the fuse box and fixed the problem. The pool is in reasonable shape, nothing special but it does the job if you need a quick dip on a hot summer day. The outside appearance of the complex is also relatively nice and is well maintained. Garbage services are picked up once a week as well as recycling. Most of the residents on the elderly side so you don't ever have issues with noisy neighbors or anything (at least I didn't). Parking is also great. Residents all have their own spots, and the interior road is 100% open to guests for parking. So there is never a shortage of places to park. The negatives of this place is that its really old and I mean really old. I think it was build in the 60's and they've never done any major interior renovations. As a result, you'll notice things constantly falling apart. My dishwasher didn't work when I moved in because the soap cover was missing. Our bathroom sink was missing a leg which didn't alter its function but it just looked bad. The bathroom was tiny and has no counter, just the sing and medicine cabinet. Dust forms on everything within days because its so old. The air conditioners are the old electric window style ones built into the walls. In my apartment they were in the bedrooms which meant the front of the apartment never got heated. In the summer it would be 90 degrees in our living room. I once emerged from my room to find my GF sitting in her bra because she was so hot. floor endings and other small construction features were starting to come off. Every so often I'd find loose nails on edgings and stuff. There is no exhaust fan in the small bathroom so the steam up in minutes. This lead to the drywall on our ceiling getting too moist and it start to collect and leak water. We had to duct tame a towel over the stop otherwise there would be a pool of water on the ground and the toilet would be covered in water. Also, we had a major silver fish problem (centipede type bugs) because of this, since they live in humid and warm environments. In at my parents place I find 1 or 2 tiny ones every year or so, but at king arthur I was finding them every couple of days and they were huge. Practically game me a heart attack a few times seeing them scurry past me in the bathroom. I had to purchase a dehumidifier and run it at all times to stop the bugs from coming. Also like others have said, the dryers basically don't work. You need to run your clothes 2-3 times, or just do what I did, run them once, and lay them around the apartment to air dry. In a nutshell this apartment has good staff and is peaceful place to live that does the job for a reasonable price. It's just really really old so you can expect to have all the problems that would come from that. If they just renovated the place, it would be great.
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King Arthur Westmont Apts

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