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King Arthur Westmont Apts



Resident · 2004 - 2007
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Office Staff
King Arthur apartments is not a friendly place to live. The grounds are not kept up to a decent level. The snow doesn't get shoveled in a timely manner if at all. The landlord is not willing to listen to any complaints. The "Handyman" is not helpful. Besides there is only on handyman on staff anyways. The driers never dry on one cycle because the tubing behind the machine is always clogged so it takes 2 and 3 dollars to dry your clothes. Don't be suprised by the low rent. Ever hear of the phrase you get what you pay for. This is a prime example of a dump. There supposed club house is out of use. The pool closes at 8pm (it gets too loud for the seniors that live there). Oh yeah and don't forget about the high security storage lockers. They are cover with chiken wire which is easily kicked it. When something gets broken into, because the basement door has been wedged open due to the overwhelming smell of mold, don't bother complaing cause the response is its not my fault. If you don't like it move out is another response you can expect to get. SO BY ALL MEANS DO NOT COME TO KING ARTHUR COURT. SAVE SOME MONEY AND GO SOMEWHERE BETTER!!! <br>
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King Arthur Westmont Apts

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