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King Arthur Westmont Apts



Resident · 2006 - 2007
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Office Staff
I moved into one of the studio apartments. While the kitchen had been updated with nice cabinets and such, the bathroom was really outdated. You can only choose between powder blue, pink, or gray tubs/sinks/toilets. The plumbing was not that great either. I had to have the tub snaked at least twice during the year that I was there (and several bottles of draino) and the toilet ran constently. While the maintanence person did come out quickly to fix a problem, the problems were never fixed properly.<br><br>I lived on the ground floor and constantly had bugs in the apartment...spiders, silverfish, and some other bugs that I couldn't identify. The windows were also broken and wouldn't open.<br><br>The walls are paper thin. I could hear my neighbor coughing upstairs. I also had a very noisy neighbor who played music so loudly that I couldn't hear my tv when it was turned all the way up and the walls vibrated. I told the management about this and they pretty much told me to take care of it myself. I ended up having to call the police.<br><br>The stories about the "clubhouse" are also true. It's really outdated and is not in use. The grounds are ok, but watch out for goose poop....it's everywhere.<br><br>I generally felt safe there, but I have to admit the locks on the doors are lacking. There is a chain and a push button lock on the door knob. There was no dead bolt...considering the apartments have outside entrances, you would think they'd have better locks.<br><br>While I'm only really focusing on the negative points, the place wasn't all that bad but there is definitely room for improvement. That's why I only stayed there one year.
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King Arthur Westmont Apts

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