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C'est La Vie Apartments



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jay_em • Resident 2009 - 2010 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/09/2010
The tenants living here beside me were filthy, loud and always in view. I couldn't leave my apartment doorway without someone's random child in my way, often times littering the hallway or lawn with their food and garbage. I constantly had to either ask the children to stop playing in the hallway [an egregious breach of contract] or put up with it all night; but I couldn't discern which doors they were coming from - since three or four families seemed to dominate the entire second floor of my building. There is not a night I can recall that we haven't had a child screaming his/her head off RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR DOOR. The landlord[s] put forth VERY little effort to alleviate a trashy look that has ensconced their apartments. Cars are ALWAYS parked in the grass area, in front of THE SIGNS THAT SIGNIFY NO PARKING. It certainly isn't worth your dignity as a human to rent among people who don't believe in discipline, respect, silence or cleanliness. Maintenence didn't know where my balcony's screen door went before I moved in, so we recieved one that doesn't fit. They even put brand-new tiles into my bathroom that are coming up before even a year of living there. I have tried contacting the landlord several times to rectify any of these issues through unanswered calls, written notes AND voicemails and have YET to hear back. I am happily NOT renewing my lease.
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C'est La Vie Apartments

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