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Arlington Club Apartments

1533 Baldwin Court

Wheeling, IL 60090



Resident · 2020 - 2021
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Office Staff
Danger!!!! Wanting A Safe Place To Live Has Made This More Dangerous --- And Apparently Not Just For Me Either (I have reached out to the front office on numerous occasions and they refuse to respond...so here goes my review) I contacted the front office about the maintenance staff sitting outside my apartment every morning getting high. They never responded to me, but I feel like they talked to two of the guys doing it because they moved their car from right outside to the spot directly across from it. There is a third guy that joins them and now when I leave my apartment the three of them try to stare me down. I have a child with breathing issues and smoke inflames it. My child is more important than their glares or them calling my husband and I fa**ots. (edited per Yelp Request), but during the summer they DID sit in their car and make inappropriate comments towards the young mothers of the complex. Two weeks ago we had a heavy snowfall. It melted and then the sidewalks iced over. Five days passed before the sidewalks were taken care of. One day the elderly gentleman next door had to walk over the ice-covered sidewalk, with his walker, to his car. He had to leave the walker on the curb, and risk getting into his car over the ice. We offered to help him, but by the time we got there, he was to his car door. I sent an email to the front office and got no response from them...again. The parking lot was a different story. Coincidentally enough, I came home the next day to find that the same elderly gentleman had backed his car up and was shoveling out his handicap spot. I went inside to get my shovel to help, I looked out the window, and saw one of the maintenance men walk right past him, get in his golf cart, and drive off, leaving him to continue shoveling on his own. (My husband took a video of that on his phone). I ended up shoveling out that spot after he left. I went around to several of the buildings in our cul-de-sac and discovered that almost none of the handicap spots had been cleared out. I was livid at this point, so I called the city and was advised that this is considered public property and that my best bet was to contact someone at the ADA and HUD and have them look into it. The lady I talked to at the city office said she would send an email to the complex about the concern. I can take the looks and being called a fa**ot, but I am posting this review, along with others, because this once nice community has started to feel unsafe and dangerous. I'm sorry I have a child to look out for, and want my living environment to be safe. * The Flyer is NOT MINE, but was seen around the property. I did take the picture, and since YELP! did not remove that photo with the others they took down, I assume it is okay to keep up. *
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Arlington Club Apartments Manager


Hello, Timothy. We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with us. Please know that we welcome any and all feedback from our valued residents, as it allows us to improve the quality of the experiences we provide. We apologize for any delay you may have experienced during a particularly heavy snowfall a few weeks ago. While our number one priority during the winter months is clearing snow from sidewalks and paths, the size of our community and extreme weather conditions have occasionally resulted in slight delays. We appreciate your patience regarding this matter and admire your willingness to help your neighbors navigate through the parking lot during the inclement weather. In the event you come across a particularly icy area, we encourage you to either call our office during normal business hours, or our emergency maintenance line so that we can address it right away. If you have any questions, or if you'd like to discuss your experience with a member of our team further, please don't hesitate to give us a call at (708) 386-0707 or email Karena at [email protected] Sincerely, the Arlington Club Apartments Management Team

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Arlington Club Apartments

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