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Woodland Creek Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 - 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/14/2014
Of all the apartments i have rented in the area, this is the worst apartment complex in so many ways. The staff and management is extremely rude. They set up traps to pull more and more money out of you in terms of fines and fees. A crazy example is very recent where i called the office in dec and told them that we would be moving out in Feb 2014 and asked them what i need to do as next steps. they told me specifically on phone that all you need to do till then is pay month by month rate which i did. Today, i called to ask if we can move out earlier and someone said that we don't have your notice on file and that means you will have to pay rent for Feb and March. (This is when in Dec, they specifically confirmed you are all set till feb move out). now, they will squeeze $2K from us for no reason. On top of everything, the staff and management is unimaginably rude, you would feel like you are living in a ---- regime. Save yourself some real nuisance and look elsewhere. You can get so much better in so many more places at a better price. Dont get duped by the upfront sales staff coz they stop listening to you the moment you sign the lease. Painful experiences related to unjust fines and fees are numerable
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Woodland Creek Apartments

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