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Woodland Creek Apartments



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Office Staff
BJZZZ • Resident 2014 - 2015 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/27/2015
I still can't believe the way I have been treated by Woodland Creek leasing office employees. By the way, this is the first time I will ever go out of my way to write a review because these employees are not respectful and rude. They just seem not care about there tenants and this is why. By the way, all the leasing agents are managers so you can't speak to anyone else at least when I asked. When I intially moved-in everything was good until I had to go to the leasing office. Soon after I moved-in, I went on a business trip and I knew I was going to be late because I was out of the country. It was fascinating to get back home with an eviction notice under my door without even a phone call or a friendly email reminder from the leasing office. However, rent as to be paid between 1st and 3rd of the month but I arrived back into the country on the 5th and headed straight to the leasing office. FYI, I had to pay over $100 in late fees and got threaten with an eviction notice and I'm like really!!!!. While I was questioning the late fees, the leasing agent got loud and very rude with me while other tenants witnessed the argument. I left the office feeling horrible and belittled after paying the rent and the late fees. The second incident was even worst. Towards the end of my lease, I reported a possible mold in my bedroom celling because I had just realized I had a huge water mark. Again, I went into the office and this complain turned into a huge argument in front of another tenant that patiently sat down to hear us go back and fort as to why I didn't report it earlier. Instead of the leasing agent to take notes and say we will have it looked at as soon as possible, she started an argument that it possibly can't be a mold and I'm like really!!!! Mind you, she's yet to see what I'm complaining about. However, a maintenance guy inspected by unit the same day and noted that mold didn't exit and left a note that work still needs to be completed. Im still in disbelieve that the huge water marks on my ceiling was not taking care off. I did not get any status update from management or leasing office and I moved out of the apartment without management attending to my complain. After all I paid a lot of money to stay there. Horrible customer service. I don't believe anyone deserves to be treated that way. Oh side note, you get your security deposit back 60 - 90days after you move out... Again really???? and why??
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Woodland Creek Apartments

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