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Hinsdale Lake Terrace Apts



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trinae2082 • Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/05/2007
I was so excited to move to Hinsdale Lake Terrace. Honestly, I think this is the best that I can do right now. But if I had a choice, I would be somewhere better. First, I came in on a special for $659-1BRM. The apartments are very spacious. There is a large pool. The amentities are great. However, the tenants are not so nice. I know that a managment company can not control others behaviors, but something should be done. There are a lot of untrained children in this complex. I have a 1yr old. I love children, but in the summertime especially, the kids get out of hand. I know that this complex accepts Section 8 and this also brings down the quality of the apartment. There are also a lot of teenagers. Majority of the tenants are black. I am black and am not racist. Unfortunatley, my people have really lived up to the negative attributes that other races and cultures believe of us. This is truly sad. The apartments are affordable. I did not know that there were a lot of ------ when I first moved in. I find it really sad that some people do not take pride in themselves and in the place that they live. I live in Building 4. Right now there is a gang sign written on one of the hallway doors. Kids have smeared foods and who knows what else on parts of the wall in the hallways. Sometimes, teenagers hang in the stairwell (Especially in the Summer). I love the apartment, and the management company is ok. I don't really have any major complaints there. I only wish that the Management could better control the tenants. I feel that if people can not respect where they live then they should be EVICTED. Also, I am upset with the fact that it is almost time to renew my lease and my rent for a 1BR is going up to $782. However, the management office did offer me one month free if I renew by a certain date. This would make my rent $717. This is still a pretty big increase. I feel that I can get more for my money. The only reason that I am not moving is because I am planning a wedding for April 15 and I would have to move on April 1st. And I only plan on being here for one more year. After that I plan to buy at least a condo because I am becoming fed up with paying so much rent for these apartments and the tentant just do not care. Also, I have heard some horror stories from friends that live here. I have heard of mice. I have seen 2 roach during the year that I have lived here so I assume that this is when someone moves out. I still feel that this is better than living in Chicago. There is plenty of shopping near, and I heard that the school system is great. I love the area, and my apartment, just not all of the tenants. I will move fast thought because I feel that eventually this will turn into a "project" or "------". One more year for me. That's it.
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Hinsdale Lake Terrace Apts

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