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TGM Willowbrook Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/30/2007
This place is the worst I've been in. The person who said they have nice hallways has not been in my building. The front door closes shut when it wants too, (security issue) my front door is caulked because the police apparently had to drill a whole in the door to get in,(as per neighbor) the staff is crap, it took 15 calls and two months to get service on my kitchen sink, and refrigerator, they send me eviction notices every month saying I owe more money?????????????????, ( I have bank statements proving that I pay my rent), mold is a huge problem, the ceiling in my master bedroom is cracked, and is continuing to crack, the unit across from me is vacant, and yet it gets all the important notices on the door, but not us. I could go on forever, but for 1200 a month I'd rather live in a sewer. I ve only lived here since10/06. Oh yeah not to mention some times they don t pay they re garbage men and you have to look at a huge pile of trash for a few weeks, that s my favorite thing to do, (rolling my eyes)
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TGM Willowbrook Apartments

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