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Emerald Courts



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Office Staff
Resident 1996 - 1999 Recommended
Reviewed 12/19/2000
Woodridge is an expensive area for apartments but Emerald courts is somewhat affordable. There are good and bad things about this complex. <br> <br>The staff seems genuinely interested but they often lack the authority to fix or improve things. They are a bit slow to maintain the paint on the outside of the buildings and the parking lot. <br> <br>One major problem I had was the model apartment I was shown had much newer fixtures and cabinents than the one I moved into. The owners were unwilling to replace the shabby looking cabinents. <br> <br>Parking is a hassle if you work late (past 9 PM). You will always find a spot but you´ll have to walk 200 yards. <br> <br>For about 3 months, our building had a problem where the fire alarms would go off 4 days a week about 6 AM. At first it was some kids pulling alarms but then their system started malfunctioning when the residents started disabling their alarms. The management was not very understanding about the situation. <br> <br>There are some definite problem neighbors but the Woodridge police are always around. Unfortunately, children in groups (especialy minorities), seem to be stopped and questioned for no apparent reason. <br> <br>Air-conditioning is somewhat limited. Not all bedrooms have them. This is not a terrible problem if you can keep the doors open to the bedrooms. However, some of the apartments with older air conditioners are barely able to keep up with hot summer days. The management will not replace them till they die. Keep in mind that this is a Chicago suburb and not Houston. <br> <br>Heat and hot water are more than adequate and included in the rent. <br> <br>It has a diswasher but the sinks are the old single basin type. <br> <br>Woodridge as a community does not like apartments nor want any more built. They do not want more kids to go to school from parents that do not pay property tax. The local newspaper which is free is distributed to the local houses but not the apartments. The two major political parties ignore apartment residents.
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Emerald Courts

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