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Emerald Courts



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jproappliance • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/25/2007
I was an employee of wilmette property management at natural falls apartments as a maintenance technician back in 2006. I was given an employee background and drug test which I passed. These people gave me the keys to the entire complex and I was working here for the better part of 2006. I started to notice that the new management of natural falls which also owns emerald courts and the place across the street was placing egyptians in all of the highest level management positions in the company. They hired a guy named gabriel on as a maintenance technician for about three weeks before making him head of the construction crew for both complexes. Let me tell you, I own my own business doing home repair and hvac now and I can tell you that I have met a lot of incompitent people in my life but this guy is truly a shoe in for this job. I had to fix this guys ---- ups every day he was on the staff here. I became disatisfied with the general work environment after seeing this ongoing pattern of countrymanism. I quit working for wilmette property management in the summer of 2006 and started my own business. I was at that time living at emerald courts on an employee discounted lease. I was always on time with my rent and did not cause problems with my neighbors or staff. I was offered a newly remodeled apartment which I turned down when my renewal letter came. Honestly the remodeled units are full of problems and the mexican construction crew turns these apartments as fast as possible leaving behind all sorts of problems I.E sliding doors that you cant open, worn out windows, electrical problems, plumbing mistakes ect. ect. Low and behold after refusing a remodel I recieve a letter in the mail telling me that my lease was not going to be renewed for reasons that I would have to talk with the management about. I went to speak with david the propert manager which is the owners son or nephew or whatever, another shoe in if you ask me. I was told that I was being refused because of my criminal record. I was shocked at this point, I have had some arrests for midemeanors as a minor. They pulled a criminal record of mine that went back eight years, things that I was never even convicted of I.E possesion of alcohol by a minor. I am 25 now and a responsible law abiding small business owner. I have talked with the illinois bar association and have been told that this is not legal. Honestly, I am going to move and not fight with these people. I believe they will say anything to get you out once they want to remodel your unit. If I am such a criminal how come they were willing to give me the keys to everyones apartment and allow me to work here. Either they are completely full of ---- or totally inept. You decide for yourself.
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Emerald Courts

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