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Emerald Courts



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kisses4mario • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/03/2007
I just want to let anyone know when reading these bad remarks...to really be cautious and kinda believe the 20 people who are saying a complex is bad...i should have listend to this site but i didnt, and i was stupid and moved into a complete ------...of course everything is going to seem better before you move in, they have to do that and not care about a persons well being. Its SAD. This was only my second time renting. And i will not make this mistake again...i wish i had listen to the people's complaints about Amber Manor in Dekalb, i saw it in the summer time when school was out...now its absolutly CRAZY here...cars being broken into, gang fights in my parking lot, almost nightly gun shots, theres a bullet hole in my bedroom window now, i refuse to sleep in there, my neighbors were robbed the 1st week i moved in and i had cops searching my apartment at 3am to see if we were hiding a suspect here! Not to mention people drive through my parking lot with absolute no respect or concern, ive almost gotten hit twice walking across my parking lot. Management has been wonderful to me so far, im hoping though that they dont pull some of the stuff that Emerald Courts is pulling with not renewing your lease and paying more. I dont care what it takes im out of here as soon as my lease is up or possibly sooner. Utilize this site! and believe and use common sense when you read these things, a lot of these people are telling the truth...and if there are 20 people saying a place is a dump and a few people come in afterwards to say its not...i can garentee they are related,friends or very friendly with management. Its sad what kind of scams people try to pull especially when youre dealing with peoples lives. If you need a second opinion check it out for yourself carefully and several times if your interested, and DEFINITELY get a police report on a place before you move in, you can do that with the local police.
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Emerald Courts

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