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Waterbury Improvement Association



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wolf795 • Resident 2000 - 2001 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/29/2001
I´ve had my share of problems with this complex.. I moved in with a roommate approximately 1.5 years ago. At the time I signed the lease, bathroom mirror was cracked, a celing fan broken, closet doors broken (off hinges), and a HUGE bug problem (Neither of us EVER ate at home, and are clean people). Now the bug problem was not ever resolved. They were (are) running through the hallways, in the apartments themselves, etc.. At one point my landlord brought us a can of Raid and wouldn´t have it sprayed professionally..This was kind of insulting. Anyway, I´m moving today..The landlord had the gall to ATTEMPT to make me pay for the stuff that was broken before I even moved out, but my lawyer settled this with a single call. There has also been issues with the fire alarms going off by themselves at all times of the day and night, but I think that´s fixed now. Also, our refrigerator leaked for 4 months and never got fixed. <br>Bottom line- if you´re gonna move into these apartments, prepare to do a little work yourself to tidy up stuff..set bug traps before it becomes a problem, etc.. These are spatious apartments, that´s about the only thing I can give it that´s positive.
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Waterbury Improvement Association

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