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Waterbury Improvement Association



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phoenixbeth • Resident 2000 - 2001 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/29/2001
This place was a total nightmare. When we reported the problems with cockroaches and insects, the landlord´s response was a can of Country Fresh Raid. He never made much of an effort to coordinate a professional bug removal. All I´m asking for is the Orkin Man! <br>The Laundry "facilities" were a joke. There was one washer and one dryer for six apartments. So it cost me $1.00 to wash my clothes and $1.25 to dry them if I woke up at 5:00 AM to beat out the other renters. If you don´t wake up early you´re just going to have to go to a public laundrimat. <br>Parking here was a joke as well. You had to have a parking pass, but good luck acquiring one. The office has horrible hours due to the fact that even though there should be people there (according to the posted hours) there´s not. <br>When moving in, it was apparent that the landlord took the cheap and quick route to cleaning up the apartment. When he painted the walls, he was too lazy to paint around outlets. The phone jack was so clogged with paint that we couldn´t even plug in the phone. <br>Also, there was a problem with the fire alarm system for about a month and a half. The alarm would go off several times a day, including the early early morning hours (like 2 AM). So you´d have to listen to this loud high pitched alarm for about 20 minutes until the fire department came to shut it off, and they had to come about three times daily. So in the event of say, a REAL fire occuring, I´m sure the fire department would take their sweet time by assuming that it was JUST another false alarm. Oh, and let me mention that I certainly didn´t appreciate the sleep deprivation caused by this. You´d think they would have (or could´ve) corrected the problem after the first couple of days. <br>Overall, I strongly suggest any potential renters look somewhere else.
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Waterbury Improvement Association

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