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Waterbury Improvement Association



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Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/16/2005
but if you have the unfortunate luck to rent from Stone equities LLC, North Shore equities LLC, same guy just new scam, don't expect anything to ever be maintained or fixed, and be prepared to be totally lied to and basically really screwed, and you won't ever see your deposit from him ever again, just lots of grief, like no hot water for months, and the water doesn't go down the drain, looks like there is cement down there, who would had thought of looking for something like that prior to moving in, birds nesting in air conditioner so beware of horrendous smell and legionnaires disease, which is caused from bird droppings, no heat, did'nt find this out till late October, no stove, but the gas valve for it leaked until the fire department came and had nicor fix that, landlord played dumb, no dishwasher, but there is a space with the wires sticking out where the dishwasher should be, no kitchen or bathroom cabinets, not even a mirror in the bathroom, and now that the snow is melting the ceiling is caving in, no light fixtures, just wires hanging out of the ceiling, and walls, no closet doors, was promised to have all these things within weeks, well it's been a year, no lights in the hallways. One washer and one dryer that don't work anyway. And then when he gets as much money from you as he can, you'll be evicted, with no return of deposit, unless you have wealthy relatives or friends, end up in a shelter, broke and homeless. Oh and yes he does discriminate.
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Waterbury Improvement Association

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