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Waterbury Improvement Association



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/21/2008
I have lived here for over three years and have been nothing but miserable. The biggest thing is that the ENTIRE complex is completely infested with cockroaches! My roommate and I have personally bombed our apartment and it did nothing because they are everywhere! You can set as many traps as you want and pay hundreds of dollars in getting Raid cans but it won't do any good! The cockroaches like it here and they're not going anywhere. The noise is a horrible problem! It seems that all of the children that live here don't have parents because you will find dozens of kids running around the parking lot, sitting on cars, throwing things around until midnight, sometimes even later. When the children are really bored they will ring your buzzer over and over again and even after you ask them to stop they'll just do it and then quickly run away. When the power goes out, which is once every few months every single resident gets together in the parking lot (no matter how late the hour) turns on all of their cars' headlights and standing around talking loudly, letting their kids run around screaming. The people above us had a leaky pipe that made its way into our apartment so Waterbury sent some guys out to fix it, that required putting a hole in our ceiling above our bathtub. No matter how many times we called they NEVER fixed the hole, we finally had to call someone ourselves to come out and fix it, for a price. The winter is even terrible because the company that they hire to plow snow will pill up snow at least two feet high behind your car so if you're not out by seven AM or sometimes earlier you'll be digging your way out of your parking spot for a half hour, even longer if you never thought to buy a shovel. Everyone who I have met in the office is horribly rude and acts as though you're either stupid or a punk coming to rob the place. Whenever I have to go in and get my new parking sticker they hassle me and give me the third degree. So what should be five minutes, normally ends up being thirty. The last time I went in there I was completely ignored for ten minutes while two people who worked there stood no more then ten feet away from me, complaining about tenants. And also, there are police cars circling the parking lot every ten minutes for a reason. In the summer it is common to wake up to a rumble breaking out right below your window, the worst part is that there are children looking as young as six right in the middle of these older teenagers who are fighting and cursing each other out. In short this is a horrible place to live and I am leaving as soon as possible. The only way you would ever enjoy living here would be if you were a child or young teenager because then you would be allowed to do whatever you want. For the love of God, heed my warning and don't move here!
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Waterbury Improvement Association

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