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Windsor Lakes Apartments



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nufsedchica • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/31/2005
My fiance and I were totally sold the first time we visited the Windsor Lake property. The pool was awesome, the workout center was clean, and they had a laundry center too. The grounds seem to be clean and well kept. Boy...how looks can be deceiving. <br>We moved in June and signed a 1 yr lease, we even got the first month free! (don't worry we payed twice fold later) Our picture perfect apartment began to tarnish the first month we were there, my car got keyed 8 times(deeper each time), my fiances car 7 times. I looked around the parking lot and found that EVERY car around mines had the SAME markings! But NO ONE reported them! I went to the mgmt, reported it to the cops, who by the way were no help at all. Mgmt offered me discount on a garage, the downside was it was located FAR from my apartment (not so safe when you get off of work at 11pm). We were also awakened by false fire alarms, and here's the kicker: nobody even came outside when the alarm went off, and it took the fire dept 5 minutes to get to the building. What if there actually WAS a fire?! <br>In the 4 months we stayed there we experienced all kinds of awful things. Being on the first floor, our AC was ground level and everytime we turned it on it smelled like pee. Why? Because people don't watch there kids and when they got locked out of the building (and had to use the bathrm) they'd pee in our ac unit. I was really disappointed as I used the work out room regularly, and would go back each day and find more and more equipment broken, due to mis-use and unsupervised kids. <br>I would also like to warn potential renters about the whole "first month free", technically it's NOT, if you break your lease before the years up you have to pay it back PLUS the differnce (market rent). So please don't be fooled by the gorgeous clubhouse, it doesn't reflect the entire property. Don't get screwed like I did!
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Windsor Lakes Apartments

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