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Willow Brooke Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 - 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/16/2014
I've lived here for about a year now and I decided to not rent through this complex again. The apartments aren't bad, and this place is pretty clean. However cunat is absolutely terrible with customer service. For example, they make this big deal about parking regulations when you're signing your lease. They show you all the rules, make you sign a contract, and purchase a sticker. They claim that if you don't have a sticker or if you have guests not parking where indicated that cars will be towed... This is completely false. I have to park 4 buildings over sometimes because there is no parking. I wouldn't mind if it was people who actually lived here, however more than 75% of the time there's cars without stickers! I've emailed them numerous times, probably about 15 times at this point and I'm not even reporting it every time I see a single car, I usually only report if it's more than 1 in front of my building. They haven't even responded to me the past 5 times and all the times before that they just say they'll look into it. However, nothing is ever done and they never even give you an explanation after that. I also think the parking lot in general is much too small for the amount of buildings there are. Also when your purchasing your parking sticker they have you fill out information for your car (make, model, license number, color) after I lived here for 6 months they told me they lost mine and my boyfriends information and if we didn't fill out the paperwork again they would tow our cars even though we had a sticker. I don't mind that I had to refill out paperwork, I mean it's kind of annoying, but the fact that they then threatened us when it was their mistake! Absurd! My apartment is also very loud. We live above an older man with hearing problems... So basically he's always yelling and has his tv turned up way too loud. People are always slamming their doors and being so loud in the hallway. One of the families in our building has their extended family over often and it's like 3 families and they all hang out in the hallway and let their kids play out there as well. They leave garbage everywhere and are extremely loud. Cunat considers this "noise they can't control". My overall issue is that they make these rules and don't enforce them, very frustrating. I also don't think the front office at this complex cares at all about their tenants and the issues we have. The office not even responding to my emails, is very unprofessional and extremely rude. I will never recommend any friends or family to live here because of the lack of customer service here. They will be losing a lot of business, I had 5 people ask me about this complex and how I felt about living here.
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Willow Brooke Apartments

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