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Horizon Village



Resident · 1998 - 2011
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Office Staff
My husband and I lived at this complex for over 10 years. The value, apt size & visual layout was nice. Initially, we planned to stay a year but due to job losses & illness we stayed longer.It was a nice complex and all the other tenants in our building were older, quiet and pleasant. However, as most of the other reviews state, we found the management style of Monica, the apt manager, much to be desired. Bottom line is she runs the complex for Monica and not the satisfaction of the tenants. I won't list all the examples of her lack of caring except the last one that made us decide to move out. A 18 yr old single mum with another on the way rented the downstairs apt. She and her friends would hang in the parking lot making a lot of noise.They would jump on the back of their man friends car as the car accelerated to leave.We couldn't keep out living room window open. The other tenants were afraid of her and her friends.We were the only ones to ask them to calm down. They cussed us out the called out white racial slurs at me...and so on. We called the police at least 5 times...we complained to the complex...we were told the complex could do nothing and to just call the police. This was the last straw deaiing with the office...any other place would have put them on notice. When it came to lease renewal we felt we could not live with this hands off mgmt style that Monica has always held. Personally, when you made any type of criticism or complaint to Monica, she had a habit of turning it around on you. That was a annoying habit that might work on her kids or her employees but not on intelligent adults. Do I recommend Horizon Village..."yes" on some levels and a definite "NO" on others. The buildings and landscape are kept up well. But beneath the pretty presentation, is Monica's management style don't ask for anything else once your lease is signed.
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Horizon Village

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