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Horizon Village



Resident · 2012 - 2013
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I moved in in May of 2012. It was my first time ever getting an apartment so I had no idea what to look for. We moved in on a special of "first month rent for free." However, I feel that we were tricked in this. When we first came to get an apartment, my husband and I wanted the large 1-bedroom apartment. When we came in at the beginning of the month, they said nothing was available. They told us all that was available was a small 1-bedroom a couple of weeks later and that we had to sign the lease right away in order to secure our spot--that is understandable. By the time the papers were secured on their end, it was the end of the month and we moved in but were only able to enjoy it for 1 week for free until the next month's rent was due. I felt it was done intentional by administration to get the most out of the money. The buildings are real old, so when we first walked in it smelled awful. I had to spend an extra week cleaning the inside of the apartment because the job the cleaning crew did was not sufficient. Everything was sticky and filthy. When I let management know, they sent the cleaning crew right away but they hardly understood English to begin with and didn't see the mess the same way I did. In the end, I took it upon myself to clean by my standards. My worst complaint has to do with the neighbors more than the actual management--in my building and around the entire complex During the summer time, we couldn't get the fixed AC mount in the wall to send air into the bedroom so we had to sleep with our sliding glass doors open. This was a problem because our neighbors would hang out on the balcony around 2-3 am and were very loud. Other neighbors were smoking weed on their balcony directly beneath our apartment so weed was coming into our apartment. This was problematic because I was pregnant at the time. If we wanted to shut the door, we would roast inside and if we opened it, itd be too loud outside. The water bill is on Horizon to pay but that's also a joke because if you use hot water, it's calculated into your heating bill. EVERYTHING is electric, from the stove to the water heater, to the heaters and AC. That means we were paying around 80 dollars a month in the summer and 120 n the Winter because there was no way around living in the cold. My husband and I will be moving in a few weeks, so i will have to wait and see what their exit process is like and if they are as nice as they were when I first got here. I just wish they were more prompt about cleaning the ice and snow on the sidewalks because I've slipped a few times outside my building Pros: maintenance always responded right away management were always nice and courteous Nice, clean cpmplex, nice to walk around in during the summer seems safe for children Cons Lease agreement says no dogs allowed but everyone and their mother has dogs in this area... loudness during the summer time Rent was expected to go up at leas 50 dollars a month after a year, even though it didnt say this in our contract deposit is real high--500 dollars! compared to 300 in other areas No one adheres to the rule about not grilling on the balconies and management doesn't seem to car. My neighbors would grill right below me and I would be stuck with an apartment full of smoke. walking up and down stairs to bring groceries is a pain but that is a personal preference old, smelly buildings look nothing like the models models are on the lake but actualy units have a view of the parking lot could light the parking lot better at night The bushes around the building make me feel like someone is going to jump out and snatch me could use better security measures
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Horizon Village

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