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Horizon Village



Resident · 2006 - 2007
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Office Staff
I live in a quiet building, so I don't have to worry about noise after I've worked a hard day. I feel relatively safe here, as I've been here since November and have not felt eerie about too much..(well, they can do a better job of lighting the parking lot, grounds, and entrances and cut the trees/shrubs back to expose any potential hiding spots).<br><br>When I first visited the property, the responsiveness of the staff was amazing and I felt as if it would be a good fit. Now I realize they were simply trying to get me to move in. <br><br>I have been struck by how difficult it is to get a hold of the Leasing Office staff and how rushed I feel whenever I do finally get them on the phone. I have confronted them about this issue, but I'm pacified with typical salesperson patronization. This has to be one of the most frustrating things ever. <br><br>The office hours are limited and the amount of staff (Leasing Office & Maintenance) doesn't support the number of units they have. 90% of the time, when I call, I reach the answering service. Do you know how frustrating that is?! I've asked them about their staffing levels and what plans do they have to increase the number of staff members to be more responsive to residents.<br><br>I can deal with the floor shaking when my neighbors move, I can even adjust to how the entrance door slams when people enter/exit..but the ability to contact the staff is ridiculous. <br><br>Perhaps for some, the ability to contact staff doesn't matter...but for me, this is paramount to a good experience. Perhaps I didn't do my homework enough before signing the lease. I should've done a better job of assessing my needs and comparing them to what the property had to offer. For that, I accept responsibility..but that doesn't excuse the lack of attention here. My lease ends in May.
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Horizon Village

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