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Park Trails Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 1998 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/12/2003
we´ve lived here for almost 5 years now and this place has gone to the shitter! when we first moved in, everything was great. the manager at that time was wonderful and she would work w/ you if you were a little short for rent....she would wait till the 15th to deposit your check. the maintenance guy seemed very nice and have things under controll. then they fired the manager, well she did steal money from the company...lol. and hired a new one, she is not personable at all! she acts like your best friend in your face and does not get back to you w/ questions or get back to you for maintenance! and god forbid she get your name right! she always calls my husband the wrong name when ever we see her in the parking lot. and good luck trying to get a hold of the woman when you need something....she is never in the office, even during her office hours, and god forbid she answer the phone! you have to track down the guy yourself, and god forbid your security door buzzer doesnt work, it will never get fixed! the door´s always opened anyways, no one here has a clue of security. the tenants suck! they are all drug addicts, we had a crack head ----- next door, and kids running up and down the halls! drug deals are always going on in the parking lot! music is always blaring! not an enjoyable experience after they fired the first manager. now everythings gone to ---- and we are outta here! <br>but the only good thing, if you can put up w/ everything else.....lots of space and ok rent prices for the area. <br>the apartments are old and foundation is messed up, so don´t be suprised if you have cracks all in your walls!
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Park Trails Apartments

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