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Steeplechase at Shiloh Crossing Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/11/2013
In advance sorry if the formatting doesn't stay when I post it. The Good 1. I read some of the other reviews and it s becoming clear to me that it really depends on where you live (end apartment or other) that will make a big difference. 2. I live on the end and have one neighbor so I hear nothing 3. I feel pretty safe. 4. The office staff is really nice. The maintance is nice with the exception of one person who shall remain nameless is a bit of a smart butt he s more annoying if anything. 5. The wooded area is beautiful and it s peaceful to wake up to. 6. The oversized bathroom is really nice. 7. The overall look of the apartment is nice. 8. The balcony is pretty large (if you get and end apartment). 9. The stove cooks very well. 10. The dish washer looks ~1970 s but it surprisingly works really well. 11. I had no problems with neighbors or crime or anything like that. The Bad 1. My biggest complaint and the reason I m moving is my rent went up $117. This place is really already overpriced but I paid it because of the location, access to shopping (some 24 hours), previously near my job and near a few friends and safety. However I can t justify spending $957 for a two bedroom apartment (not including pet rent but includes water and sewage) and to make it worse when I go online price is $835 for the same place. I might as well get a house for that price. So it seems to me once they sucker you in next year there is a huge rent increase. I knew I would have to give a 60 day notice if I wanted to leave and I knew the price would go up but this increase is insane. They sent me a letter saying I had 7 days to decide if I want to stay and if I say nothing my lease will automatically be renewed. If they knew the rent would go up this much they should have said that farther in advance. As much as I like them and don t feel like moving that left a sour taste in my mouth and I m pretty upset and I m moving. Also it s the reason I can t recommend this place. What s the point of having a nice place but have to turn around and pack up and move in a year. Parking sometimes is really insane. I would say after 9pm on the weekend and if you don t live near the leasing office where there is extra parking good luck finding a space near your place. Heaven forbid it snows you ll be driving around that lot all night looking for a space. 2. Don t be fooled when they say they have a washer and dryer on site. There are two washer and dryers for the entire complex. Insist on seeing it if you don t own one it might be a deal breaker for you. To rent a washer and dryer from them is $40 a month, so honestly if you do the math you might as well purchase one. 3. The bugs that come with the wooded area are not so nice and the occasional raccoon that come to visit. 4. The kitchen is pretty darn ugly. Don t be fooled by the model. Everything works quit well in the kitchen it s just hideous looking The counter-tops are weird dark green and the cabinets are white and the wood is light brown. Every time I say that my kitchen is awful my friends say it s not that bad, then I turn the lights on and they say oh . maybe it is. 5. Like I said I live on the end and my heating bill was over $200 insulation not so great. The walls were pretty cold.
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Steeplechase at Shiloh Crossing Apartments

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    • (Resident photo uploaded on 08/11/2013) Image of Steeplechase at Shiloh Crossing Apartments in Avon, IN
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