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Acadia Court / Brandon Court



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Office Staff
Resident 2001 - 2002 Not Recommended
Reviewed 04/28/2002
The apartments were built in 1983 and only some have been updated since then. The single level living is nice becuase you have no one stomping on the floor above you but you do hear people opening cabinet doors, shutting their front doors, playing music, or even having a normal conversation. The built in bookshelf/kitchen divider seemed like a blessing when I first moved in but after living here 9 months and realizing there is only one way to place furtiture, because you only have two walls in which to place furniture against because quite annoying. The kitchen is not big enough to put a full size table in and open the frig at the same time. There isn´t enough counter space to put a microwave, toster, coffee maker and dish rack on. And you would think since they didn´t include a dishwasher there would at least be a double sink to wash on one side and rinse on the other but there isn´t. I´ve also had a problem with the counter top in both the bathroom and kitchen crumbling from water and age and after repeated promises from the management to fix this problem it is still not fixed. There is an additional fullsized utility room which I´ve converted into an office. It´s about 10 by 6 and it also houses a very inefficient water heater. You do have the option to rent a washer and dryer from the complex but they want 75 dollars a month extra for that ammenity...what a rip off. It costs $1.25 to wash and $1.00 to dry in their provided facility, but they only have 4 washers and 4 drys for a complex of about 50 to 70 people. The management is horrible. They refuse to contact you via the telephone to leave a message. Their only way of communication is via notes on your door which tend to disappear (whether it´s from wind, someone walking by, or their excuse for putting an important communication on your door but they forgot). Their only way to pay rent is either through a slot in the office door (which doesn´t seem to be working because several people, including myself have had things get lost by the company and then they will blam you) or to pay in person during their office hours which are only convient if you don´t work during the day. They recently hired a new property manager in December of 2001 who is rude and arrogant. She is slow on communcation and doesn´t seem to be too knowledge in the operation of apartment complexes. Because this is a national company they can´t issue any refunds in a timely manner or from their authorization. Everything has to come from the head Office. Additionally, they have the most outrageous Application and deposit fees I´ve ever encountered. There is 30 dollar non-refundable credit/application fee every time you wish to sign a lease (new or renewing) and the deposit is 300 dollars but they keep 100 of it for "redecorating" fee. There is no redecorating done though. The only thing I figure they use that money for is cleaning the carpet. Also, I had asked what the average electric cost per month is and I was told at the most 50 dollars a month. After one month of colder weather I had a bill for 96 dollars and I´m not even hear half the day. I´m not the only one, almost everyone here pays from 60 to 100 dollars. Finally, moving in was a hassle. I had signed a lease that started on August 1 but told them I would be moving in sometime in Mid August. They sent me my keys because I was expecting to move in late after the office was closed. When I got here on August 18 my apartment wasn´t even close to ready. There was no dry wall even up. The place was quite dirty and there was what appeared to be mold all over. They gave me another apartment after I reached them the next day but it took them 3 days to get that apartment right. It wasn´t cleaned like it was supposed to be (that was what that 100 dollars they keep of the deposit is supposed to go for), it smelled like smoke, the carpet wasn´t tacked down, and the cabinet was falling apart. I decided to keep the second place they gave me and waited for them to fix it up. They compentsated me for the money I had to pay for the hotel but it took more than a month to get the check. The one and only positive thing about this place is the friendly and knowledgeable maintenence staff. They are alway available via pager and are promt no matter what time of day or night it is. Even though the apartment model may seem great be very wary about what your acutal apartment will be like. Just spend a little more and go somewhere else
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Acadia Court / Brandon Court

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