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Resident 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/17/2009
I wasn't an experienced renter. I looked at several other places but rented from them because of good location and "reasonable" rent. I also read many reviews about it. Most of them said something good about the place. But what a huge mistake to have rented here! Please take a close look at the negative reviews, because most of them turned out to be true and you want to make sure that the problems won't bother you! I guess either the favorable reviews are either too old or written by the management themselves. My experience is that I ended my lease with them after only two months living there (sacrificing my $200 deposit) because of noise problems and extremely rude management. They will change the attitude almost immediately after you sign the lease. In general, this place looks beautiful from first glance, and they will show you a model apartment if you visit, but you will regret once you move into the actual apartment. Basically, they just want money from you but are not willing to spend a penny to maintain their property. The buildings are very old and the maintenance is doing a poor job. Here are several notable complaints that I have. If you visit, please knock on one of the actual apartment (not the model) and take a close look at the following aspects. 1. Out-dated appliances and carpet. - Out-dated Appliances. I chose the "new" appliances option, but only to find very old yellowish button stoves and small refrigerator when I moved in, which correspond to the "old appliances" option. Nowhere in Bloomington can you find such old stoves and as another reviewer said it's unfair that they charge more for "not living with outdated appliances"! The stove fan made very loud noise. It took me several office visits and two weeks' wait to get them replaced. At the first visit, they said they made a mistake and forgot to replace them with newer appliances before I moved in. At the second visit, they said that they just got the appliances ordered and asked me to wait for a week. The management obviously thought they are doing me a FAVOR! I still remember the words of the staff when I asked her the second time to replace the appliances: "... I mean, you can still use them. They are old, but they are still functional." - Carpets. The carpets in the apartments look decades old. They are the cheapest brownish synthetic carpets, worn out and gets dirty very easily. The carpets in one of the bedrooms cracked after one week I moved in, and I can feel the crispiness of the carpets wherever I walk on. They are in dying condition! It took me weeks waiting for their contractor to get the carpet repaired. Apparently they hired the cheapest carpeting company to do the carpets and they used the cheapest way to fix the crack. They don't look professional at all. 2. Cheap quality and extremely poor maintenance. - Sand. There is always lots of sand on the property roads and side walks. Guess what, that's because they use SAND and not salt to melt snows in the winter! I guess they use sand because sand is much cheaper than salt and can be "reused". Sand is always on the roads and sidewalks even in summer. They wouldn't clean it up. Another renter told me that he fell off his bike and broke one of his hand because the sand makes the ground very slippery for bikes. It is very unpleasant to walk around during the summer because sand gets into your sandals and shoes very easily. - Bath tub. The caulk around the bath tub is very unprofessionally done as if they just used their hands to scratch on the caulk. They look like scars in your bathroom. Very superficial job! Lots of chunks of caulk gets on the rims and into the tub and are very hard to get rid of. If you want to take a bath, you will be very conscious about that. - Windows. Those are not windows. They are just holes on the walls with cheap single paned glass on them. They don't even have frames! They don't shut well either so expect high heating cost during the winter. I haven't live there long, but one of my friends who lived there for a year, and their windows began to shed a kind of white dust on the sides and you can see the bricks underneath. They look like in horror movies. I guess those are weathered caulk on the window sides. They do have frames for the doors, but they are not in wood color. They pained all wood (door frames, built-in shelf) white with cheap spray paint and you get your hands powdered when you touch them as if you touched chalks. The paint seems to be the same thing that they use for ceilings, windows, closets... The reason they painted them all white is that the wood condition has deteriorated badly. They have many holes in them caused by termites, nails, and so on. They wouldn't bother to replace them. - Closet. There isn't really enough closet space because of the bad design of the closets. The sliding closets doors have many small holes and scratches on them and they don't slide smoothly. Actually they swing back and forth on the top rails and there is no good way to fix them. And you have steel pipes to hang your clothes on. Notice that they are neither wood nor stainless steel! They are just cheap water pipes that are sprayed white, unevenly! The wood boards in the closets are also sprayed white. The paint is bad and the job is badly done. You can get white powder on your clothes if you don't scrub them carefully before you put your clothes on them! 3. Noise problems. - Stairs. The main bedroom is just separated from the outside stair by very thin wall. So you are expected to hear (and feel) the steps and people speaking if your upstairs neighbor go home late in the night. - The AC units are very old, rusty and noisy. Nowhere in Bloomington can you find older AC units. I noticed that some of the apartments have more modern ACs, but most of them are still old ones. I guess they replaced them only after they stops to work completely and unrepairable. And worse, the upstairs AC units are placed on the balcony. They take quite some space, so don't expect a good time sitting on the balcony. The old AC on the balcony above my apartment vibrates badly and, because of the poor structure of the building, I can feel the walls shaking even when I was in the main bedroom or bathroom. - Squeaky floors. Maybe just my bad luck, my upstairs floors squeaked. I mean, they squeaked badly, together with some cracking noise, as if they would fall apart. The noise will be wherever the upper floor renter moves: bedroom, builtin shelf, kitchen, ... Sometimes I heard noise until 3am and couldn't sleep until then! I asked the management to fix the floors but they told me that they can do nothing about it. Because I insisted, they said they will fix it after the upper floor renter move out. But they apparently did nothing during the two weeks after he moved out when nobody lived there. The manager gets very rude after several of my requests during that time. She tried to fool me into thinking that they will fix the floors, but they never did or would do so. For the whole two month period, I visited the office at least four times. The manager once said: "You are living in an older community. You GOT to have noise!" I GOT TO HAVE NOISE! I got really bad sleep during the night and couldn't bare with it any more, so I sent the manager email emphasizing the severity of the noise problem and it had affected my health. The next morning I was waken up with brutal knocks on the door. I opened the door and saw the manager and a maintenance staff standing there. The manager shouted at me rudely and said I was demanding and picky. She said that they have fixed the floor and asked the maintenance staff to go upstairs. I said I want to have a look, but she blocked my way and didn't let me go upstairs. She asked the maintenance staff to walk on the upstairs. He walked lightly, but the floors still squeaked badly! There was no tenant living upstairs at that time. I don't see a reason why I wasn't allowed to have a look at it. She probably just didn't want me to see that they have done nothing about the floors. So I decided to break my lease with them. They took my $200 deposit and found another renter to move in. Good luck to whoever took over my lease! I lost 200 dollars, but I'm so happy to be able to move out without living there for a whole year, for that would have ruined my education at IU! Living there is just substandard life. If you care about your health, if you want a slight bit of quality and respect, if you want to be treated as a human, please don't rent from them!
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