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Knightridge Manor



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/18/2008
I have lived at Knightridge since late 2006. My lease is up in August, and I am very thankful that I will be moving well before that to start a job in another state. When I came to tour the apartment, I was impressed with how quiet and clean the grounds were, and how nice the actual apartment was. I was assured by several employees that quiet is a high priority here, and that any noise violations would be dealt with quickly. Within a couple weeks of moving in, it became apparent that our neighbors on one side enjoy very loud music and large quantities of alcohol. It's February 2008 now, and nothing's changed. Up until a few months ago, the only problem was listening to Top 40 and instant-messenger chimes coming through the wall to fill every room of the place. (It's surprisingly not very exciting to know every single time your neighbor has received an IM.) You could argue that I was unlucky, and wound up next to the one set of noisy folks; you could argue that even after a year of no results from management, I still have no real reason to dislike Knightridge. Assuming you don't mind the fact that, three nights out of four, someone across the parking lot comes home between 11PM and 1AM, subwoofer blaring, and then sits in their car and listens to their music for ten to fifteen minutes before turning it off and going inside. The parking lot is a square in the center of the complex, with a row or two of buildings facing it on every side. I am halfway across the parking lot from this person; I can only assume that the folks who live near him/her simply don't bother to sleep until after whoever-it-is has come home for the evening. The "BOOOM...brrrm...boomBOOMboom" certainly wakes *me* up every night, and I sleep with a fan pointed at my head for the express purpose of *drowning out* noise. Also, large enough quantities of canine feces have started appearing about the grounds that management has issued a general notice to clean up after pets. I suppose this is one area they *will* move on, since it's something that prospective renters will actually notice when they're brought on tour. So, to wrap up this very long review: if you enjoy paying relatively high rent in order to enjoy noise problems that go on for your entire tenancy without any sign of management doing anything, then in my experience, Knightridge is the perfect place for you. If you enjoy sleeping through the night, I recommend you look elsewhere.
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Knightridge Manor

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