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Knightridge Manor



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/16/2008
I realize that being an anonymous Internet reviewer makes your credibility shaky at best, but here goes... My roommate and I lived at Knightridge for almost two long, miserable years (November 2006-July 2008), and were glad to finally get out. We were looking for a quiet place to live while I came back to IU to finish up my BS, and he started grad school, and despite the fact that Knightridge is literally on the far eastern edge of town, we were eager to live there. Management was quick with reassurances that yes, they do take noise issues very seriously. The physical location seemed lovely, calm and peaceful, and since we toured in October, the trees around it had that nice fall-foliage thing going on. Around December of that year, the neighbors to one side of us started getting on our nerves. The teenage daughter would play her music EXTREMELY loudly -- it became a sad sort of game to play Let's Identify Exactly What Song It Is while sitting on our couch on the side of our apartment furthest away from her. We're pretty sure she regularly got drunk with her little friends, too, although possibly you can be that slurred and noisy and still be sober. The mother would sometimes play her music loud, too, assuming it wasn't the girl who enjoyed Don Henley and Elton John. Screaming fights between the two of them were common, at all hours of the day and night. Their kitchen shared a wall with my roommate's bedroom. Every time they made a meal, they went through what sounded like every single cabinet in their kitchen, some twice. They did not believe in closing cabinets quietly. The mother often got up and had breakfast at 4 or 5 AM. Sometimes this would wake me in MY bedroom, which was, again, on the side of our apartment furthest away. Repeated complaints to the office yielded no results. In fact, it only made things worse for us -- at least, I assume our complaints were the reason for all the trouble we had getting them to take our rent payments. A few months after we moved in, they moved all rent-paying to online payments through their web portal. We would pay every month. Every month, the payment would sit out there, unprocessed, while the office would send us late notices and charge us late fees. By the end, we had about eight months in a row where we were sent eviction notices for nonpayment -- while our payment sat cheerfully out there, wondering why it hadn't been accepted. Every time, they would eventually admit they were wrong, take our money, and not kick us out; but somehow we still had to keep paying those late fees. We mailed our notice in April, letting them know that we would be gone June 1st. Leases at Knightridge actually go August to August, but I was accepting a job out of state. All through May, management declared that they had never received that notice -- nor had they received the check for our May rent, which was also in the same envelope (out of the hope that we could avoid getting yet another Johnny-No-Thumbs letter). They also said that they would not let us break our lease, even if I did need to leave for purposes of employment. Someone from the office actually read this last part to us, over the phone, from our notice-letter -- BEFORE reiterating that they had never received our notice or our check! Finally we put a stop on the check, made a credit card payment online, and told them not to bother cashing the check whenever it "finally" came, "sometime in the future." Then, after the credit card payment went through, they tried to cash the check. And when it didn't cash, they sent us another eviction notice for nonpayment. You know, for not paying May's rent. For which the credit card payment had already gone through. I suppose if we had been okay with listening to the girl next door play the same song three times in a row at 11:00 on a school night, and okay with the people who literally sat in the parking lot at midnight with their music blaring for fifteen minutes (I counted) while they smoked a cigarette in their car, then we wouldn't have had all the problems with management. My bad for believing them when they said they upheld quiet. At any rate, we got to be serenaded with Teenage Neighbor Girl's music at least three or four nights a week until we finally escaped the place. Just in time, too -- a pack of noisy, giggly-parties-in-the-bedroom-at-two-in-the-morning-on-a-we women had just moved in upstairs. Plainly Knightridge was for them, not us. Finally, for the record, yes, nobody there seems to believe in cleaning up after their pets. And a final caveat: don't bother buying pricy compact fluorescent bulbs if you live at Knightridge. The power goes up and down so much that any bulb will blow within about three months tops.
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Knightridge Manor

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