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612 Knightridge Road, Bloomington, IN 47401
612 Knightridge Road, Bloomington, IN 47401

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Knightridge Manor



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ferganer • Resident 2007 - 2008 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/28/2008
Hello everybody, here's the second turn of frustration with this apartment complex, specifically with the management. I got the statement and it turns out I owe them money. Aaargh. That's unbelievable. So what do I have here? $23.55 unpaid rent? I vacated the apartment 5 days prior to the lease end and had the move-out inspection one day before the lease ended. Where the hack does this come from? $7.09 electric for one day (I assume it's for the day after the move-out inspection). Do they actually have the right to charge me for that if I turned off the service myself? Second, even if they do, my electric bill was $32 for 15 days before I moved out, which is $2 a day on average, and this with 4 people living in the apartment. And now I have $7 for one day in an empty apartment????? ($210 per month? kidding?) I didn't know a fridge could eat up so much energy. Another explanation is that this amount is absolutely arbitrary and the management is just bad at math. $101.38 in painting charges. No way. We actually cleaned everything. We have a move-in/move-out form where it says we had a few scuffs and spots on the walls when we moved in and just two minor scuffs when we moved-out. What about reasonable wear and tear anyways? And all this considering we did not have normal hot water supply for a half a year. Noooo way. No. I am going to pursue some legal actions and sue them. And it's not about the money but the way the management rips you off. Anyways, the general advice is: do not expect your deposit back!!!!
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Knightridge Manor

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