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Scholar's Quad Collegiate Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 12/13/2006
The staff were great, maintenance was quick, and I appreciated it. <br><br>I lived in both the 2 bedroom and 1 bedroom apartments. The 1 bedroom is not worth the cost, you don't get a dishwasher and the living area is awkwardly arranged. The carpet was falling apart at the edges and elsewhere. <br><br>It's really quite the party area. There should be a ban on subwoofers because just one person playing their music loudly can resonate through the ENTIRE building. It was like living in the dorms in that aspect. You can definitely hear your neighbors, I had a person below me and I could hear every time that he either received or sent out an instant message! Oh yes, and be prepared to deal with the freight trains. I could never leave my window open during the summer because the sound would just come blasting through the window at 6am. <br><br>However, the internet went down ONCE in the entire lease. The washer/dryer is wonderful to have in house. The gas/electric was extremely cheap (no more than $50 total for the 1-bedroom). <br><br>So if you can deal with the outlandishly high rent and the noise, then you've got a great place to stay!
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Scholar's Quad Collegiate Apartments

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