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Sunflower II



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Office Staff
castingaspersions • Resident 2004 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/28/2005
The management and maintenance staff were always very polite and responsive. Appliances were new and worked well, the water pressure was good, the apartment was pretty clean when I moved in. The No. 6 bus stops right outside. The best part: they do have a mandatory carpet-cleaning fee, but aside from that I got most of my security deposit back!! They're honest!! A nice find in Bloomington.<br>The air conditioning unit kept the whole apartment cold, but smelled pretty musty, and owner would not pay someone to get really inside it to clean it. There were some things I didn't think to ask when I paid the deposit from another state, though: the building is pretty old and has had some strange contracting done to it over time; walls are part cinderblock, part wood covering cinderblock, and part plaster/drywall. Good sound screening between walls and from the outside but NOT between floor/ceiling - I could hear all my downstairs neighbor's conversations and TV shows/music when I was trying to sleep. Fans blow air into airspace rather than outside, so my apartment sometimes smelled like smoke from someone else's apartment in winter (not good if you have asthma). Also, no central air so no air circulates in winter, and there is nothing to filter air. The baseboard heating used QUITE a lot of electricity. Monthly insect spraying is mandatory, also.<br>Finally, the building looks just like the picture, but if you turn around, you see that you are in Bloomington's miniature red light district: there is a 24-hr adult bookstore in front of the building, and a place called "Live Lingerie Modeling" beyond that. They must have forgotten to mention that on the phone. So, girls with allergies and asthma who want to feel comfortable biking/walking home late at night and are neurotic about noise (i.e. me): not so much with this apartment building. Everyone else: probably a good deal!
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Sunflower II

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