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Krhenson12 • Resident 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/13/2017
This place is terrible. The unit we were shown was in great condition, looked nice, smelled nice, just had a nice vibe. They are renovated apartments right now and we were told that we would be the first ones to use the new appliances in our apartment. We requested to see the actual apartment but management said that wasn't possible since there were still people living in it but that it was exactly the same. I went by to look at the exterior and saw that there was a dog in the window. Later I expressed my concern because I am super allergic to dogs but I was assured everything would be cleaned and turned over so it wouldn't be an issue. As it got closer to move in, I learned that the appliances had actually been installed while the previous tenants were there but they said they were new since it has "only been 2 weeks". Okay, not great but not the worst thing ever. On move in day we walked into our apartment for the first time and the entire place smelled awful. It was like a mix of new furniture and wet dog. I tried vacuuming with baking soda but it didn't help for more than a few hours. Meanwhile, my allergies are bothering me and later on I find that the couch and chair supplied to us are both full of white pet hair. And I mean full. Maintenance replaced them fairly quickly and apologized. With the carpet, I contacted management and they ADMITTED that they knew about the smell and tried to clean it the best they could. They tried to steam clean it again after that and it did nothing. They refused to replace the carpet which is covered in pet urine (Ibought a UV light to confirm) which has been driving my allergies crazy. It smells awful and permeates the entire apartment. It doesn't matter how many times they clean the carpet if it's in the padding! They even had the nerve to say they cleaned the carpet again as a "courtesy" to us, and offered to let us out of our renewal lease that starts August 1 (yes I'm still stuck in this nightmare!!), saying they could find tenants who didn't mind the smell. REALLY?! Pet urine in carpet is not sanitary and definitely violates health code laws. I told them that I wanted to be reimbursed for the rent we paid, which was a ridiculous amount for a dingy apartment with disgusting carpet that had many things different than promised. They refused and don't seem to feel that any of this is their fault. My entire review won't even fit here. Google "the fields" and you'll find the long version. Stay away.
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