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Bayberry Place



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2006 Recommended
Reviewed 10/02/2005
We've lived here in a 2BR2BA for about six months now and are pretty happy with Bayberry. It's very quiet compared to our previous residence, and seems much safer.<br><br>The complex is about 20 min from downtown Indy and it's pretty easy to get to almost anywhere from here - there is easy access to Indy via I-74 and it's only 15 min or so to I-65 via Hwy 267. Brownsburg has an okay selection of stores and restaurants (mostly fast-food). Avon and Plainfield, which have a full assortment of the necessities are about 15 and 25 min away, respectively.<br><br>Bayberry is within easy walking distance of Kroger, KFC, McDonald's, a tanning salon, and K-Mart. The post office, BMV, etc. are about a 5-10 minute drive away.<br><br>The office staff is very friendly and remembers our names. Any problems with the apartment are promply taken care of.<br><br>This complex is very well-lit and there is plenty of parking. We live on the East side of the complex - I noticed recently that there is less parking available on the West side. There is a nice pool and fitness room that are rarely busy. <br><br>The layout and construction of our apartment is okay. The laundry room is an actual room, as opposed to the glorified closet in our last apartment. I don't really like the walk-through second bathroom, and neither bathroom has enough storage space - the master doesn't even have any drawers - just the vanity. The walls and floors are pretty thin - you can almost make out your neighbors' conversations. This seems to be a problem in any newer apartment we've lived in, however.<br><br>The carpet is obviously cheap - the complex is only a few years old and ours already is tramped-down and stained. The 9-foot ceilings are a nice touch, and I believe the upstairs apartments have vaulted ceilings. The apartments are painted a medium beige with white trim, which is much nicer than the sanitarium-white of previous complexes we've lived at.<br><br>Both bedrooms have gigantic walk-in closets with built-in shelves. Both bedrooms have direct access to a bathroom, cable jacks, and plenty of outlets. They provide blinds for the windows, but they are not thick enough to block out the streetlights and people's headlights at night - we had to put up a thick curtain so I could sleep.<br><br>There isn't enough counter space in the kitchen. We brought our own microwave, and the shelf they provide isn't large enough to accommodate it. Until we buy a kitchen cart, our microwave is occupying the only counterspace that isn't right next to the sink or stove. There is a nice pantry and plenty of cabinet space, however. The appliances are also very new and nice - I love the stove! I also like that one side of the kitchen is an open bar, instead of a wall. There is more than ample overhead lighting in the kitchen - very bright and cheery.<br><br>There is a storage unit out on the patio of each apartment, which is great. I dislike having a regular door out to the patio instead of a sliding glass door because you can't leave it open to ventillation and it doesn't provide quite as much light. We do have a bit of a spider/bug problem, so it's probably best we can't leave another door open, though!<br><br>The patios are large, and the apartments that face away from the parking lots have semi-private yard space. Many residents own dogs, and it seems that the majority actually clean up after them, which is a first in the four complexes we've lived in.<br><br>There are garages available for an additional fee, which I believe includes garage openers.<br><br>Bayberry is very clean - the dumpsters are fairly convenient and are emptied often enough. There are a few areas with cigarette butts lying around, generally right outside the door of the smokers. There are sidewalks, which is nice for walking the dog. (You laugh, but our last complex didn't have sidewalks!)<br><br>Overall, I think Bayberry is a pretty good value. It is more expensive than our last complex, but much cleaner, quieter, and more secure. We got a rent special - one month free on a 13-month lease. Just as a side note, if you take the rent special, you no longer qualify for student/employer discounts - a surprise to us! The pet rent is lower than other places we looked - $15 per month per pet.<br><br>It is about 15 miles each way to downtown, though. If we could move it closer to Indy, it'd be perfect for me! If you work on the Westside, or in Brownsburg or Avon, you should check this place out!
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Bayberry Place

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