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Carmel Landing

2223 East 151st Street

Carmel, IN 46033



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Office Staff
Resident 1999 - 2006 Recommended
Reviewed 08/14/2006
I have lived at Tree Top (now Carmel Landing of Westfield) since 1999. Since I've lived there, I've had only minor problems with the various managements, but nothing major. They have been courteous when I speak with them and I generally have no problems getting repairs done. The apartments are nothing fantastic, but the one I rent is fairly clean and free of major nuisances, except that the toilets tend to overflow easily and the dishwasher cannot clean dishes due in part to the hard water but also because it is not one of the better dishwashers on the market. The carpet and paint are nothing great, but after several years of living in the same apartment, that's quite understandable. On rare occasions, one of my neighbors plays his music outside a little late, and sometimes a guy will pull into a parking spot with his music blaring. My kids play outside (although one has somewhat outgrown that). It's rare that I see a police car patrol there, although we did request a more frequent patrol recently because someone took our car for a joy ride. We live in the back of the complex and don't notice the goings on near the front of the complex. However, I do notice that people throw all kinds of stuff in the trash bins until they overflow, leaving trash laying all around the trash bins, instead of taking their overflow trash to another emptier bin. And that kid in his car blaring his music will throw his empty cigarette packages onto the ground. This summer, management was very lax about opening the pool since it didn't open til the end of July. It apparently needed extensive repairs that really should have been done much earlier thereby allowing the pool to open on Memorial Day weekend. And the tenants often do not clean up after walking their pets. If I had to choose between the management and tenants, I would probably say that the tenants probably expect way too much from the management and do not behave responsibly toward the property. Management is not perfect but I have found it not quite as horrendous as most of those writing on this website. I believe a reasonable and responsible person might have a good tenancy here.
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Carmel Landing

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