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Lakes of Carmel



Resident · 2013 - 2014
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Office Staff
I dearly loved these apartments when I moved in, but that has all changed basically due to the unprofessional staff that works here. Here are the pros and cons of Lakes of Carmel, you can decide yourself if you wish to live here. PROS: 1. Location 2. Size of Apartments 3. Cost CONS: 1. Constant construction to all buildings the summers of 2011, 2012 and 2013. Painting, new roofing, new landscaping, ect.. 2. Unprofessional staff. EX: they made a mistake on my rental agreement I spoke to the office manager and she fixed the problem. Why is this a con??? Now every time I go to use the gym, ect,the person who made the mistake will make snide comments about me to whomever she is talking to. Just own up to your mistake, what are we 5? 3. Amenities are not included in your lease. You now have to put a deposit down of $25(was $15 last year) to use the pool and gym. But you can not use these spaces for parties and you are only allowed 1 guest. 4. Maintenance who do not seem to know what they are doing. 5. Parking is okay, but they allow you to buy as many parking passes as you want. There are a couple of people in my building who buy them and give them to their friends so they can park in the tenants parking area. 6. You may not hang anything outside on your deck/patio. You are only allowed 2 chairs and a table. You will get a nice little note on your door if you have 3 chairs outside. tsk tsk 7.The office manager pretends to care, but if there is a problem do not expect a return phone call once she has said she will look into the problem. 8. Will tow your car for just about any reason they can come up with. One guy in my building had spoken with them to let them know that his mothers car was going to be in the back lot for about a week. At 1 week and 1 day,they had it towed. 9. Ever spring they bring in dogs to get rid of the geese. Not a pretty sight to go outside in hopes of enjoying your deck on the water and see a dog attack a goose. Fun times! 10. They prorate your water and sewage. So if you live in the largest apartment you will pay the most in both whether you use that much or not. These are the PROS and CONS of Lakes of Carmel. Hopefully this was helpful. o-Happy apartment hunting!
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Lakes of Carmel

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