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Lakes of Carmel



Resident · 2013 - 2015
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
My wife and I have lived at the Lakes of Carmel since September of 2013. If we would have known about the negative experiences we would be forced to endure here, we never would have moved in. To begin, the office staff is extremely rude and cutthroat. They will lie directly to your face, even if they know that you know they are being dishonest. The property manager (-----) and the assistant property manager (-----) will stab you in the back and sell you out if they think it will benefit them in even the slightest way. The management staff will try very hard to run you out if they don't like you for any reason. They will send you warning letters about a minor infractions such as having flowers on your balcony, and ignore the same violation for other residents. Fair housing regulations are clearly a thing unheard of at Lakes of Carmel. Secondly, the apartment complex is over run with ------- who live in squalor with two or more families living in a single unit. These numbers go up significantly once the office closes for the day, as it is easier to conceal the many violations that are being committed. The management staff are completely aware of the situation, but refuse to address it out of fear of racial discrimination claims. They have openly said this to me on multiple occasions. On top of the multiple ------ families living in single units, their cooking smells absolutely terrible and it seeps through the floors, they are very loud, and they let their children do absolutely anything they want without supervision. If you want to enjoy the tennis courts, gym, volleyball court, or playground you can forget about it. After the office closes, these areas are overrun with loud and obnoxious ------- letting their kids do as they please. These activities include making sandcastles in the volleyball court, running through the gym and leaving water cups everywhere, riding bikes in the fenced in tennis court, running out in front of cars, throwing objects at passing cars, and littering. Third, maintenance is extremely slow in handling maintenance issues. When they do respond to calls, maintenance staff will not fix things properly. Rather, they will put a bandaid on the problem just to shut you up. There is one great maintenance worker at LoC that does an outstanding job and cares about resident satisfaction. I believe his name is ----. Finally, the pet policy is extremely strict. If you have anything other than a adult dog (no puppies allowed) that is under 25 pounds and not considered by the complex as an aggressive breed, or a cat, stay away from this place. Again, the property managers will let some things slide with some residents, and try to evict others for the same offense. Live here at your own risk. It was an absolute nightmare for us.
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Lakes of Carmel

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