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The Courtyard



Resident · 2014 - 2015
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Office Staff
Do not move in here, do not move in here, do not move in here!!! I've been living here since April of 2014 and everything was fine at first, but now it's one thing after the other. Cars get broken into, there's constantly people smoking weed out on my stairs, constant fights, neighbors are loud until 3am, sketchy people walking around at night, and not even to mention the maintenance. My AC has been going out for two weeks now. It's currently our for the 4th time in 2 weeks and all I have been told is 'I'll let them know' and hung up on and ignored, they've come to 'fix' it twice but then it kicks out either hours or days later and they don't seem to care that it is 85 degrees in my apartment and I have a 9 month old. They haven't supplied me with a fan or a window unit like they said and every time I call I get Teresa or another office lady that just brushes it off by saying 'I'll let them know, thanks, bye" and tries to hang up on me. And the windows have yet to be replaced dispute numerous complaints about the cracks in them and spaces to where my air gets out and hot air gets in. They didn't bother painting or even vacuuming when I moved in, but being my first apartment I just was excited to get a place I shrugged it off. They don't replace the air filters for the ac, and the maintence guy said if they do they just put in the ones that last 30 days. The oven and stove are uneven so the food cooks unevenly, the freezer always freezer burns my food no matter how low I turn it, the water heater had to be replaced but still the water doesn't get very hot and if it does it doesn't last long, there's constantly flies from neighbors. There was a huge hole under my sink connecting to my neighbors making my apartment wreak of smoke and took me months to even find it. There's 4 people living in one bedrooms. They made me replace my blinds for small breaks in them and threatened me with a fine, but when I look outside my door I see numerous apartments with worse blinds. They're just money hungry but do not care about living conditions, noise complaints, safety of people and possessions, etc. It wasn't this bad last year, I'll admit, but the past few months have been hell and I'm currently considering breaking my lease just so I can get out of this hell hole but don't want to waste all of that money. I read reviews but figured under the new management it would be better, but obviously not.
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The Courtyard

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