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Office Staff
Resident 2017 - 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/11/2019
We have lived here for three years but the last 6-8 months has been a total nightmare. We have generally loved the staff and quick response to any questions or concerns up to this point. Sabrina has ALWAYS been kind and professional. The problem we are having is with Natalie. She has called us about my Service Dog's hair because a neighbor complained about black hair outside but we take our dog to the groomer..she told us that we could be evicted and it was going in our file. Our air conditioner stopped working over a month ago so I called and Natalie said that she would put a work order in. She didn't so a few days later I put one in online. About a week after that, I went into the office to ask Sabrina about it, she checked and said that it had been completed. She then checked with a maintenance man (I don't know his name..mid 40's dark hair), who proceeded to rudley proclaim that he did it and my daughter answered the door and wouldn't let him in...the problem with this is...I don't have ANY children. He went to the wrong apartment. So he then showed up, didn't knock, just walked in and scared me half to death and changed the filter and turned the AC on and sarcastically said "wow, the air is blowing" and walked out. I called again a few days later because it was blowing hot air and talked to Sabrina again and she put in another work order in for me and apologized for it not being fixed. It rained the next few days and I called and left a message to see when someone was going to be coming out to look at it. Natalie called and left a message stating that there was no need to call again because maintenance can't work on it in the rain and that I would be informed when the work was done. A few days after that, I called and talked to Sabrina again and she immediately sent out a man that was extremely polite and friendly to let us know that he had tried to check our AC outside but the wiring was melted together and we would need a new unit. He said that he would let his boss know so that they could get corporate approval. This was on a Friday. I contacted Sabrina the following Monday to let her know that the man had come out and that they were waiting on corporate approval. She and Denise made sure that maintenance had put all of that through and told me to let them know if I had any issues or problems and when it was fixed. I went in a few days later to use the weight room and Natalie stopped me to tell me to make sure I was cleaning up after my dog. I told her that I always do but she laughed and said, "I highly doubt that." And walked away. In the past week, I called to talk to Sabrina and was put on hold by Natalie for over 20 minutes. When I called back she Laughed and said "oh, I forgot, she's busy right now do you want me to put you on hold until she's done?" I said no thanks and hung up. I left 3 messages for Sabrina to call so that we could renew our lease and after no response, went into the office today to speak to her in person. Sabrina didn't get those messages but she WAS able to tell my that our new AC had just come in yesterday and, weather permitting, would be installed ASAP. She also worked out our leasing questons and got it all squared away. You have a true gem on your hands with Sabrina! We love her! Then, awhile later I was talking to a neighbor who informed me that Natalie is only the SECRETARY! Why is this woman threatening to evict me and not passing my messages on? I have never felt so mistreated in my life! This woman is Not an Asset to Settler's Run, She is a Nightmare! We haven't had a cool apartment in over a month and my husband and I have no immune systems due to some health problems resulting in us passing some kind of virus back and forth all month! We would have gone to a hotel but couldn't afford it. Don't work with this woman! She has made our life Hell and I hate that because prior to her arrival, we have had absolutely No issue with ANY of the office staff or maintenance!
Settlers Run Manager06/06/2019

Thanks for your feedback! We so appreciate you taking the time to let us know about your experience at the community and with our team members. Please know that we're looking in to this, and will be sure to follow up with our team. If you're still experiencing issues with your AC unit, don't hesitate to get back in touch with us!

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