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Deer Creeke Apartments



Resident · 2013 - 2014
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Office Staff
I currently live in deer creeke right now. and I would NEVER tell anybody to move here.! for starters I walked down to the office after the office was closed with my fiancé and had to put our rent money in the drop box, we ALWAYS put the money in an envelope and close it before we walk down there and they tried to blame us for not turning it in and saying that we lost it and it fell out of the envelope. and all that nonsense. the maintenance SUCKS. they never come and fix anything until months later. they say that they have a 24/7 emergency line for problems, when you call them with an after hour problem, they tell you to wait till the next day or even longer. what is the point in having a 24 hour line if your not going to do what you say? we have recently had a problem with cockroaches!!! we keep our apartment clean 24/7 we are cleaning everyday so they are NOT coming from my apartment but we found a dead one in our closet that the maintenance said was there from before we moved in, if it was there from before we moved in that means you didn't clean the apartment good before we moved in. we found one in the hallway above my door that maintenance killed themselves and told the office and they said that they would come down and spray and bomb the building the next day, it has now been 3 weeks and they haven't done anything about it STILL. and just today we found one INSIDE the apartment. we had to chase it because it took off flying to kill it. this apartment complex is a damn joke and will move the first chance I get to.
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Deer Creeke Apartments

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