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Deer Creeke Apartments



Resident · 2014
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Reasons to NOT RENT FROM DEER CREEKE: 1. They didn't show us the apartment until our move in date. 2.They were still working on my apartment on my move in date so I had to move in a day later. They still didn't have everything done. 3. We had to go a FULL month with the dishwasher that was in here when we moved in AND having MOLD inside of it smelling like something died 10 times over before they finally replaced it. 4. We went 2 months with our kitchen light switch meesed up, 3 outlets not working, our screen messed up and our daughter's window cracked. 5. It took them 3.5 months to put a fire extinguisher outside of our apartment. 6. We STILL don't have screens in BOTH of our widows Anna's room and ours. 7. People let their 2-5 yr old children out BY THEMSELVES whom try to break into your car, look through your windows, and run through the halls day and NIGHT. 8. Our hallway lights (the one by the outside of our apartment door) has been shut of twice in the middle of the night. 9. Someone was shot and killed 2 complexes down. 10. There are NO LIGHTS on the backs of the apartments only your porch light. 11. No assigned parking spots and you only get 1 (which doesn't both us we only have 1 car) but inconsiderate people take up 3 then when we ----- about it they pull us and the women out of our apartments to "settle the issue" which causes conflict. 12. Teenagers from 20 East apartments come over here and vandalize stuff. 13. They DO NOT SPRAY FOR BUGS. So there are ants and earwigs like EVERYWHERE on the patio. 14. Our mailbox key opens several other mailboxes. (I didn't know where our mailbox was cuz they don't have them labeled and just stuck my key in and turned) 15. We dropped our rent in the rent drop box after business hours ON THE FIRST and on the second they put a note out there saying rent has to be in at business hours and it.will not be accepted from the drop box unless it.has late fees added. Our lease says rent has to be.in by the first at midnight.
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Deer Creeke Apartments

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