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Lexington Square Apartments



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Tiesto2014 • Resident 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/11/2014
This place is a NIGHTMARE! UNPROFESSIONAL, BEDBUGS, CRIME, POOR MANAGEMENT AND STAFF. I was shown a unit on 10/10/2014 - That day we finalized the lease and I did a 'Move-In Inspection.' Upon that inspection I found many problems with the unit including simple cleanliness issues. There was old, rotten food and dishes left over from the previous resident in the dishwasher. There were food/water runs that began from just below the sink all the way to the bottom of the cupboard. There were food splatters all over the ceiling and just tons of little things that I had requested to be fixed before I moved in on 10/18/2014. Fast forward an entire week later to 10/18/2014 (The day I moved in) I notice not one of the issues I wrote on the inspection list was addressed. EVEN RIGHT NOW AS I TYPE THIS, they have yet to fix or clean anything. I have gone in 4 times and politely reminded them and I was told each time they would correct the issue. Nothing has been done. This is just the tiiiip of the ICEBERG. A few days after moving in I notice a bug crawling on me. Never having saw, or dealt with BEDBUGS before I brushed it off. I began noticing bites on my back and arms and one night I found a bug crawling in my bed going right for me! I did not sleep that night, or any others since then. I have not been able to fully move in all of my belongings. I am paying for storage in fear that the rest of my furniture will be infested. In fear that I brought them, I had my previous residence inspected by a certified BedBug exterminator. Because my previous residence was with family this was not an issue. They found no eggs, larva, feces, or sings of bedbugs ever having lived in my previous location. I then began taking legal advice and had to seek out a lawyer. We then brought the severe situation to their attention and they did not act concerned at all. In fact, they had pre-made 'Bed Bug Checklists' printed off and handed me one. They told me if I do not comply with the requests on the checklist I will be fined. I took this very seriously. Right after getting the checklist I went home and complied with every request on the list. Til this day all of my clothes are in plastic bags. I am sleeping on an air mattress with tape all around the sides so bedbugs cannot crawl up to me. Speaking with other tenants in in building, they claimed to also have bites. I cannot believe a company like this, with as bad as reviews as it has, still exists. After doing much research I have come to find that I am not the first person this has happened to. I would not recommend that anyone choose this location for a home. A simple google search of 'Lexington Square' or 'City Park' apartments renders an entire page of begbug complaints. They are even registered on the 'National Bedbug Registry!!!' This place is disgusting!! My lawyer issued management a 'Notice of Deficient Conditions' which gave them a 3 day window to correct the problem. It has surpassed the duration and I am currently seeking new places to move into. PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH. They seem really nice and helpful if you are applying, but once you sign the lease they literally do not care about anything but the rent. I am a very honest, hardworking student. I feel very disappointed, along with the extreme stress and anxiety that comes with living in a Bedbug infested apartment. They have sprayed my place twice now and continue to find live Bedbugs all over my unit! I even found one in the shower. The management claims that Bedbugs do not travel, but hitchhike. Speaking with the exterminator they hired to treat my unit he told me opposite. He said they travel through pipes, electrical outlets and wire paths. They go through vents and can travel throughout the walls. In order to rid the unit of the problem, the entire building would need to be treated. Also, the pest control guy told me he sprays 23-30 units EACH WEEK at CITY PARK (FORMERLY LEXINGTON SQUARE) ... Please, never give yourself the stress of moving here.
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Lexington Square Apartments

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