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Lexington Square Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/28/2017
They didn't let us see our apartment until the day we were scheduled to move in, when they told us they still needed to replace the capret throughout. So, after we moved all our stuff in, we had to move it all again from room to room while they did the carpet. Maintenance is atrocious. Nearly nothing has been fixed, even though they've been to our apartment several times. We had the ceiling in our upstairs bathroom torn apart for over a month, and all they did was screw the panel back on after we complained about it, without fixing the problem. They did replace the bathtub faucets, but didn't seat them, so they scream when you turn on the water. Entry stairs were cracked and wobbly, and they would only replace a few of them. So many issues I cannot list them all, although I will mention that there have been several cockroch sightings. Exterminator put some dollar store traps in cabinets and on floor, and used some dried out bait that fell out of the cabinet hinges once they were opened. Management and office staff do not listen and will tell you just about anything to shut you up. The only good thing about the apartment is that it is spacious. Had we found an available house for rent by the time we had to move, we definitely would NOT be living here. Steer clear!
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Lexington Square Apartments

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