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Walnut Trails

3530 East Lake Drive North

Elkhart, IN 46514



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cganus • Resident 2009 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/07/2012
First off I would like to state that the images that are provided for this complex are completely misleading. This complex is not maintained in the least bit, and residents are lucky if the lawn is mowed once a month during season. Also, the staff does not do their jobs. They fabricate stories and make "rules" up as they go. My wife and I moved here in 2009 into a one bedroom. We were charged a $250 pet fee, which the apartment claimed they never received. By the way, we originally paid rent and fees with cash. This 'policy' was abandoned in 2010. Makes you wonder if they did not pocket the "pet fee". We transferred to a two bedroom in 2010. Once we began to move into the apartment we realized the apartment had not been cleaned. The floors were disgusting, and the apartment gave us $100 off of our rent. We had to clean the carpets ourselves. Fast forwarding to the month of August, 2011, our lease was about to end. So we talked to the apartment complex about moving. My wife and I truly did not want to deal with the hassle of finding a new apartment complex, so we reluctant stayed on one condition. We informed the complex that we would stay if we were transferred to a new apartment that was furnished with new appliances and carpet. The complex agreed to this, and all hell broke loose. Four days prior to move in day on October 1st, we were informed that the pet fee would be $15 per pet per month. We agreed to this even though we were extremely upset. On move in day, the toilet was not even in the apartment! The maintenance men had not even been remotely close to finishing the apartment. The dryer had no door on it; the dishwasher was filled with mold at the bottom. Closet doors were not installed at this point either. We had to live with maintenance men roaming around finishing our apartment. We had cleaning ladies come to the apartment after we had already moved in. My wife and I always paid are rent a couple months ahead to provide financial security in chase of an emergency. Well this proved to be disastrous. On November 7th (today) we call the office to see how much we needed to pay so that January's rent would be covered. At this point we realized that they had taken an additional $300 out of our account for a yearly pet fee. This fee is on top of the $30 monthly fee. So pet fees yearly were now costing us $660 dollars! The pet policy is shoddy at best. There are pitbulls and large breed dogs everywhere and the lease prohibits it. We were not informed of this at all, or we would have never agreed to sign the lease. Pyramid management is the owner of this property and the lady would not give us this number to contact them, but instead gave us the number to their attorney. We still have $686 credit on our account and they will not refund us this money (money that is not owed to them at this time). We have contacted an attorney and are waiting to hear back. We will be leaving this apartment some way. I would not recommend anyone to this place. This place will manipulate and scam individuals anyway possible!!!
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Walnut Trails

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