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Walnut Trails

3530 East Lake Drive North

Elkhart, IN 46514



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/15/2005
Walnut Trails was my first apartment complex so I did not know what to expect or what to judge the place on. I understood that I was getting a 1000 sq ft place with two bathrooms for only $615 a month - that was cool with me. The first few months were nice and uneventful aside from the incessant barking of my neighbor's dog. But then winter came along....and my heating bill came...to the tune of $250. These apartments are NOT insulated well at all. I tried putting plastic over the windows, but that managed to take about $50 off of the bill - needless to say, it was difficult and very surprising to me. I can say that being in the bottom floor in the summer was great. I got a nice cross breese and plenty of shade so I NEVER had to run the air. <br>During the last few months of my stay, WT went to the pits. My roomate's truck was broken into. Then a few months later someone ran into the wooden parking structure and destroyed it. A week later someone else ran into a differnt parking structure and destroyed that one. I came home from work one day to see a police officer standing ont he side of the building with his hand on his gun - then a man ran out and he was chased down by the cop who was screaming and trying to taze him. Later my cell phone and CDs were stollen from my car. There was obvious drug usage happening on the grounds. Most of the new families were very young, unmarried parents who fought all the time. Most of these things didn't bother me much, but I would certainly not want to bring my wife into this place...coincidentally, I met her at Walnut Trails. We felt like aliens in a strange land...<br>In the defense of the complex, the 3-4 management teams that came through during my stay were all VERY helpful and accomodating. They bent lease rules and went the extra mile to help me, and my wife and her roomate, during our stay. I can't say that I'm sad to be out of Walnut Trails, but I do appreciate their effort in providing a decent place to live. Just make sure you have renter's insurance. :)
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Walnut Trails

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