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Brooklyn Place



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Office Staff
Resident 2013 - 2014 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/16/2014
I was SO excited to move into Brooklyn Place even after a friend of mine had warned me not to. I thought with how well they looked on the outside and inside that surely it would not be a problem- I quickly found out why my friend told me not to move in here. Within a month of living in the apartment I started to see some issues. While living at Brooklyn Place I got my rent bill (was told rent was $709 for my one bedroom/one bath) and when I got the bill the charge was for $750! They tell you on the website that some utilities are included and that only includes trash (HA) & cable. Their website currently says that a 1 bedroom 1 bath is $668- HA! They charge you water for each occupant that lives in the apartment, as well as per square foot of your apartment, as a monthly $4 service charge that I have no clue what is for! Be prepared for these varying "utilities fees" because I was not! I also was never told when I moved in what day rent was due on (it is written in the lease but I had signed my least 3 months prior to moving in so I did not remember) and was charged a $50 late fee for being 1 day late on my rent, my first month of living there! Also be prepared for outrageous Vectren bills because these apartments are not insulated at all! For a 1 bedroom apartment on the first floor my Vectren bills ranged from $150-215! That is insane- especially when we were either freezing in the winter or burning up in the summer time to try and get our bills lower! MY bills each month have been almost the same as my parents bill for their 3 bedroom 2 story house! My bed is close to the outside wall of the complex and when I go to sleep at night in the winter I can touch the wall and it is cold. Also be prepared to be woken up at night hearing other residents coming into the complex and walking up the cheaply made stairs. You can hear everything in these apartments, its awful! Also with us being on the 1st floor there were tons to bugs that would come into our apartment from the door that leads into the master bedroom. I never once opened that door while I lived there but someone they managed to get into our apartment. I hope you also enjoy birds because this complex has a strange infestation of birds. We hardly ever got to use our patio area because there was either a birds nest with an angry mother bird that would go crazy and fly all around you when you went outside, bird poop everywhere, or random fat birds just hanging out on our patio. The patio isn't very big either- we could hardly fit a table and chairs with enough room to still move around. One of the biggest problems we experienced while living at Brooklyn Place was the maintenance. Be prepared to put in at least 2 work orders a month. I am constantly putting in work orders for things that need to be replaced and fixed. The day we moved in the door handle to our building was broken so immediately I already had to put in a work order. Lights are always going out and will not be replaced unless you put in a work order. The lights in the hallways are always going out- once I waited to see if I didn't put in a work order if it would ever get fixed and a month later it still was out and I gave in a put in a work order for it and a week later it was finally fixed. My favorite was when a light in the hallway went out and they sure did come replace it but the light was filled when bugs and they just dumped the bugs on the floor and left them there! The pile of bugs was sitting on the floor for over 2 weeks because the lady that vacuums the hallways came! The outside lights are constantly going out as well which makes it very dark and unsafe at night. I have lived here for less than a year and have had to put in 3 work orders for the outside lamps to be replaced! They will work for a couple of weeks and then stop working again- hmmm, are they putting old bulbs in the lights? The apartment itself looks nice and is one of the reasons I liked this apartment. However, the paint on the walls is horrible and if you barely touch it you have scratches and marks all over your walls. There is very little storage inside the apartment which has caused us a huge problem. There is only one dumpster for the whole apartment complex and is is usually full and smells awful! I once laid my trash bags outside of the dumpster and was sent a letter saying that if I did it again I would be charged for them having to place my bags in the dumpster. I would strongly recommend that you look for somewhere else to live. There were a few things I did like about these apartments but not nearly enough to outweigh the bad. For the price of these apartments they want you to believe they are "luxury" but that is so far from the truth.
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Brooklyn Place

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