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Brooklyn Place



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Office Staff
Resident 2015 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/25/2017
Will not be renewing lease. 1st Hidden Fees that staff doesnt tell you about until you get your notice when the 2nd months rent is due. 2nd staff VERY Rarely answers the phone 3rd Apartments arent built very well. There is basically cheap windows where you can hear everything outside and no insulation. The cold air comes right in. Cheap plumbing where you must definitely keep a plunger at all times and plunge the tiolet even when theres no paper in there. 4th Maintenance staff is ridiculous. They drag their feet and continously make excuses. 5th Your electronic bills will be high!!!!!!!!! Part of the reason is whoever put in the units when being built didnt wire them correctly so the amount of energy being used isnt accurate. If you try to bring up to the staff and maintenance they wont do anything about it and will make excuses. 6th There are plenty of renters with pets that dont clean up after their pets even though bags are provided on the property. 7th There is ONLY 1 Place to take your trash so be prepared to walk all the way to the back of the complex or drive your trash to the compacter. 8th Maintenance again doesnt take care of the hallways or stairs of the buildings. So if someone drops chips lets say, it will just sit there on the carpet forever. If theres marks on the walls, they will just be there. Basic cable is included in the rent but be prepared to pay @$60 to have wifi hooked up. Move in at your own risk
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Brooklyn Place

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