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Bryce De Moray Towne Homes



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Office Staff
Resident 2000 - 2009 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/13/2009
My review on Bryce de Moray will be a negative one. We lived at Bryce for 10 years. . In July, we were waiting to sign our new lease, when we still had not got it towards the end of the month; we finally questioned the office about it. We were told our lease was not going to be renewed. We were going to be offered a month to month lease, and it was going to cost an extra $100.00 a month. When I asked Debbie Dill (manager) why, she stated we have had too many complaints against us. She said we have had complaints filed against for years. We immediately knew that was a blatant lie. We know we would have had to be notified about this so we could have rectified the situation. Not once in 10 years were we ever notified. My husband asked to see one of the complaints; she said she didn t have to show him anything. Of course we went straight to the corporate office over this. Jim Neville who is supposed to handle these complaints went into his office and left Clint who is the accountant deal with this situation. He stated it was a family decision for us to go on a month to month tenancy. When my husband questioned him about the reason why, all he would say is that we didn t get along with the manager. He said nothing about complaints against us or gave us any other reason. During this whole time when I would talk to corporate about Debbie and how she had a vendetta against us they would say I was imagining it. Or I was blowing it out of proportion and listening to hearsay. My husband asked why Debbie was going to charge an extra $100.00 a month to go on a month to month basis. Clint stated that our rent would stay the same and we could take as long as we needed to find another place. My husband asks if he could have that in writing and Clint immediately said no. We asked why we were not informed of this family decision at the beginning of July so we could have had a 30 day notice. He had no response to that. We told him we would be out August 1. That gave us 9 days to find a place, come up with rent and deposit, pack and move. We informed him Debbie was not allowed to come in our apartment for any reason, she was not to call us or have any contact with us what so ever. We were only going to hand our keys over to him; he was to do the final move out inspection on our apartment. And we wanted our full deposit back the day we handed over our keys. He agreed to all of this. If we were in the wrong, why did we get everything we demanded? They also were supposed to give us a 30 day notice. They never sent us a letter of intent to go month to month. They gave us a 9 day notice, this in itself is wrong on so many levels. I videotaped the whole final inspection. Clint ended up putting his clipboard down because he said there was nothing to complain about. Our apartment was clean and in excellent condition. Clint stated he reviewed our entire files for the last ten years and that it was very impressive. We never had any resident complaints, the only complaints we had started three years ago, when Debbie was hired. I imagine that I said to him, I told you she was out to get us, but none of you believed me. He got to see her vindictiveness first hand. We were still standing in the apartment; we had not turned the keys over yet, when the maintenance man came in to change the locks. Clint said, Are you kidding? I looked at Clint and said, I told you she was vindictive and was out to get us. Debbie became manager 3 years ago; from day one we have had problems with her. First she was going to evict us because our dog was too big. We had already had him for two years before she came. I went over her head and talked to Paul which is the owner, he contacted his son and we were able to work it out. We ended up having to get a letter from Riley s Hospital stating he was a healing companion for my son who is a cancer survivor. Then she didn t like our vehicles, we have a pop-up camper she wanted that removed. We had that for three years before she came. We notified corporate headquarters, they said we could keep it there because it was parked out of the way and it took up one parking space. So twice now I had gone over her head and she was not able to get her way. That was the beginning of the end for us. She was determined from that point on to make our lives hell.. Debbie had numerous rules where the resident kids were concerned. They could not play in the courtyard; she wanted them behind the maintenance shed area where there was broken glass and trash. Of course none of the parents wanted their children back there. No child under 14 could swim without an adult. (That rule is understandable.) No child under14 allowed in the media center without their parent. Then, Debbie moves her daughter and grandkids in. They don t have the same rules as everyone else. They played in the courtyard all the time, Debbie s response when questioned about this was They have to play somewhere! Her granddaughter was in the pool numerous times without an adult. Her grandkids were in the media center continuously. If you wanted to talk to Debbie, she would not even make her family get out of her office. Debbie s grandchildren are the ultimate bullies. They ve had the police called on them a few times for beating the other children up. They ve used branches and even tore a sign up to get the wood off to use as a weapon. When Corporate would get complaints about this, they would say if no one follows through with court proceedings there is nothing they ll do about the situation. Her grandkids would tell adults You can t do anything to me, my grandma runs this place! They were right; they never had to answer for any of the trouble they caused. As an example of how right they were, a resident rented the party house for their child s birthday, Debbie s granddaughter went up there even though she was not invited. They asked her to leave and she refused. They finally had to complain to Debbie and she refused to do anything about it. Finally one of the kids forcibly removed her. If Debbie was mad at anyone in my family, I would get no maintenance done in my apartment. The toilet constantly leaked in the master bathroom. I was to get it fixed on January 6. The day before, my husband and Debbie had a disagreement; she cancelled the work order and refused to have anything else fixed in my apartment. She told the employees not to do anything for us. I complained to corporate about this, nothing changed. I ended up having to do all my repairs myself. I had to put in a new bathroom drain because my tub would not hold water. Maintenance still was not allowed to do anything. I was told she was throwing away all my work orders. When I finally confronted her about this, she pulled a stack of work orders off her desk and showed me she still had mine there, sure enough there were about eight of them. The only problem with that is, the work orders are to go in another office in trays, the employees check their trays everyday to see what has to be done. The work orders never left her desk, so the workers never knew I had orders in. This went on for almost two years. Debbie was gone for six weeks; they finally fixed my toilet, after almost 8 months. They hurried up before she came back because they would not have been able to do it otherwise. She would threaten the employees with their jobs if any of them helped us in any way. There have been numerous times they were not even allowed to talk to us. How childish is this? Debbie is very immature; she has a very vindictive personality. She is not a people person; she doesn t know how to get her point across without being rude. If she feels she might get in trouble she starts crying. I do not know why Interprop management would want this type of person representing them. None of the employees like Debbie, they would literally hide if they see her coming. She has tried to get them fired from day one, because she wants her own people in there so she can control them. She is unable to control the employees that have been there a long time. Residents will stand around and talk to one another, when they see Debbie coming; all of a sudden everyone has to leave. Debbie cannot walk by you and say hi, she always has a complaint about something you have done. She sits at the pool and none of the residents sit by her. She is not a nice person, people deal with Debbie on a need to basis only. Move in, you ll eventually see the side of Debbie everyone else sees. So many long time residents have moved out because of Debbie. I can t understand why Interprop Management would allow one person to cost them so much money in the long run. Even a Neville grandson witnessed her yelling at me over the phone, he called his family and complained about the situation stating Debbie had no right to speak to a resident the way she spoke to me. Nothing was ever done about it, she was not made to apologize or anything. All the employees call the apartments Debbie de Moray, she truly is in control. The corporate office backs her on everything she does. The residents have no rights, it does not matter how long you have lived there, how long you ve paid your rent on time. If Debbie doesn t like you, one way or the other Corporate will back her and you will be gone. If you ve lived at Bryce more than 5 years ago, you would be shocked to see the state of disrepair the place is in now. The class of people that is living there now has changed tremendously. You have people that don t pay their rent, then when they move out the place is trashed. Our apartment was one that hadn t been remodeled; they wanted us out so they could remodel it and then be able to raise the rent. The sensible thing to do money wise was to offer us a transfer. They did not do this. Another family that lives at Bryce was offered a transfer, their old apartment was disgusting, and everything about the apartment had to be replaced. They didn t clean anything before they moved. They did not get penalized in any way. When I brought this up to Clint, he said they will be charged, that s why we take pictures. I informed him there would be no pictures of this place because Debbie purposely didn t take any because they were friends of hers. What s wrong with this picture???? If all of this is my imagination, and we are such trouble makers, and we were so in the wrong, than why did we get our deposit back the day we turned in our keys? How many people do you know that gets their deposit back the same day? Interprop knows they did us wrong. We could have fought this all the way, but who would want to continue dealing with this type of people? If you are a butt kisser and don t mind bowing down to Debbie Dill then by all means Debbie de Moray, I mean Bryce de Moray is the place you want to live. But, once you move in .Don t forget I warned you!!!!
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Bryce De Moray Towne Homes

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