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Embassy Apartments



Resident · 2016 - 2017
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Office Staff
DO NOT RENT FROM HERE! This is by far the WORST apartment complex in Evansville. When I first moved in, there were several things wrong with the apartment that I was moving into. There were scratches on the walls, it smelled like cigarette smoke, I CONSTANTLY smelled weed from the other tenants, the toilet was absolutely disgusting (scratches on the bottom of the bowl from previous auger attempts to unclog), all which I noted in the damage assessment when I moved in. I DID NOT GET MY DEPOSIT BACK WHEN I MOVED OUT BECAUSE OF THESE DAMAGES! They also tried RAISING my rent in the middle of my lease, which is illegal because the amount that is in the document is the amount you pay... , and tried playing it off as a mistake. The parking lot had a giant pothole marked off with traffic cones for 11 months before it was "repaired". The staircases are falling apart. The building next to mine had caution tape marking off one of the staircases for the entire duration of my lease and who knows how long it was blocked off before I moved in. The staircase to my own building collapsed and has been marked off with tape for at least 4 months. The maintenance is a joke. The toilet in my apartment was a piece of trash and would not flush properly. I had to call and leave messages 7 TIMES for them to "fix" the issue. The day that I moved out, the toilet issue was still not fixed. One of the times the maintenance guy broke the auger (his fault) and sent me a bill for $68 when angers are only $8 from Walmart. There was always, and I mean ALWAYS, trash around the complex. People were ridiculously lazy when it came to throwing their stuff in the dumpster. People will walk from the nearby Walmart and just leave their carts in the parking lot and the sidewalks. The tenants are annoyingly loud, they have no respect for other people and talk super loud outside at all times of the night. There were several times around 2 or 3 in the morning when I would wake up to arguing outside my apartment or people driving by with loud bass comming from their vehicles. This is not a safe neighborhood. Don't walk alone outside at night, you will feel uncomfortable with the people staring at you. If you want a horrible experience at a terrible apartment complex, Embassy Apartments is the place for you.
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Embassy Apartments

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