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Lakeshore Apartments



Resident · 2007 - 2009
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Office Staff
Lived here for almost 2 years. The majority of the leasing office staff was incredibly rude and snobby. Every trip to the office was a nightmare in dealing with the staff. Really for the price you pay to stay there (arm/leg), you should expect some level of courtesy and professionalism. Neighbors we're hit and miss. Had what might as well have been a fraternity living above me throwing drunken parties every night until six in the morning or later. Anything that could be thrown or come off their balcony did (cigarettes, beer cans and bottles, furniture, people, urine, etc.), but did the friendly leasing staff do anything? Not a chance. Even after numerous complaints, all the leasing staff did was wait until their lease ran out, and the problem decided to move to a different place. Neighbors to each of the sides were nice as could be though, so can't fault everyone there, just some bad eggs. Parking at the complex is a total nightmare! Imagine coming home at night from a grocery run and realizing you have to park (no exageration) a half-mile to a mile and a half away from your front door. This was an everyday occurrance, and weekends are even worse. The grounds of the complex are well maintained, but then after all how hard is it to mow the grass. Not much in the way of landscaping, but it is a fairly new place. Maintenance was pretty swift. No real complaints about them at all. The apartment above mine actually had a bad water leak and flooded a portion of mine. The maintenance staff fixed the problem fairly quickly. To say that it didn't happen again...well not so much. For the place being as new as it is, they sure weren't made very energy efficient. Materials used in the building process definitely went the way of the cheaper route. The power goes out at the complex nearly every time it storms. Weather stripping seals around doors and windows are virtually non-existent; when it's cold out, it's cold in. The exercise room and pool area were very nice. The exercise room was rarely used, so you're never really cramped for room. The pool overlooks the lake, probably the highlight of the complex. To cap this off, I had some great experiences at the residence and some extremely off-putting memories as well. Try at your own risk!
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Lakeshore Apartments

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